April 11, 2008

Questions to my 'fans' :)

I have two questions.

One- how do I become a more relaxed mom? My personality is naturally easy going and laid back, not very organized and a procrastinator. The last couple of years however, I've morphed into a more 'get up and go' type person, which is good, but I find it hard to know when to stop going. It seems like if I get the momentum built up, it's hard for me to stop and relax. Like right now, I was up at 5:30 and have since been cooking,doing some cleaning, made phone calls, went to the store to pick up a few items, made a lunch to take to the park, made dinner and cleaned up and still have more I want to accomplish. Plus the general care of small children and tidying up the toy messes etc. Now I am sitting only because Leiah naps on the couch and I like to wait till she's asleep before I start moving around again. (I distract her and keep her awake)

Second question- I have a bedroom dilemma. One is the kids' room. They don't ever really play in there and I don't want all three girls in the same room yet because Sarah is still a bit young. (they all end up waking early, grrr, and in a separate room she sleeps an hour later than the older girls) So, Sarah's room is the 'play room' with a crib in it and a closet of clothes. Leiah and Alexa's room still has Sarah's toddler bed, their toddler beds, two dressers, a toybox, a plastic vanity table, and another dresser in the closet. Everything is pushed against the walls for open floor space, but they hardly ever play in there. Should I move all toys to the playroom and use the princess room for sleeping or leave it? I guess I need to take some new pictures so you can see.

Also, my bedroom needs help. Save me from the squiggles!!! (please refer to the left hand sidebar and click on 'My Home'. When you get to our bedroom pictures click on them- you will see a border and above it some kind of weird paint effect)

I don't know what color to paint the room! I can't paint the furniture either. (not that I want to really) I want our bedroom to be romantic, but still homey and comfortable for other family members to be in. I can't seem to find what I want in a picture yet. I've looked at hgtv.com and Better Homes and Gardens websites.


mama said...

Hey I'll be back as I'm on vacation now (dh brought his laptop). I look forward to talking about this with you!! Take care!

Rachel said...

Schedules. They keep me on track, I don't take on more than I can handle, and I know everything will be done - eventually.

Mrs.KAOS said...

I would leave the toys in the play room and the bed room for sleeping. This way the girls have a division of the two activities, it may help them sleep.

Anonymous said...

Schedule relaxed time. LOL! Not kidding here. If you find yourself to be too high strung, like I totally am, you have to plan those times of just "letting go" until it becomes so normal for you to relax. It's somewhere to start, at least.

I saw your squiggly walls~! Would you be able to peel off the border? If you are able to remove it, it looks really good in a room to have one wall painted some intense favorite color, and the others painted a creamy neutral color. Paint at Walmart is made by SherwinWilliams and is cheap~! Seriously, your room might take two gallons to paint at $11 per gallon.

I heard a designer friend one time ask a client if she leaned more towards blue or green. She said people are either strong "blue people" or strong "green people", but seldom both. Once you have that established, you can check out the complimentary colors that go with green or blue. (green: reds, golds, creams, terra cotta. Blue: reds, yellows, whites, tans, purples) It works so well, I was surprised. Also, I have found myself attracted to a particular picture and gone with the three strongest colors in it and used those in a room before. Even if it is a kitchen picture, or a greeting card... if you like the scheme, go for it in your room!

If you can't remove the border, how about painting above the border a deep, smoky color that compliments the border? It would be radical, but you could even paint the ceiling that color (I can't remember how tall your ceilings are, or what texture they are). How about purchasing an inexpensive striped fabric cheaply that you like and cut it in wide enough widths to be able to staple it around the top of your room, all scrunchy-like, to hide the border?
Well, that's all I've got right now!


Anneatheart said...

Rachel- the problem with me is I don't know how much I can handle. Some days I can handle a lot and others not. The problem is knowing what kind of a day I'm having,lol.

KH- great ideas! We were able to easily peel off the border yesterday-PTL! I found a picture awhile back that I liked and saved it on the computer somewhere...I still like the blue idea though.

mama said...

ok I'm back.
Well about being a relaxed mommy. I too am the type that gets going and NOONE shall stop me:)Then I get grumpy at the kids so what works for me is the following

~ pray that I may see the childrens needs and be able to do away with myagenda to stop and help them. Then conciously watch for when they need me while I work and stop to help. You just gotta do it and ignore how you feel about stopping knowing that you are being a MOTHER to them.
~plan to work hard each day but that's it. Then work hard and what doesn't get done is ok cause you ahvent planned on getting it done only to work hard! This works cause it keeps you from being lazy or going on the computer too much and at the same time leaves the recovering perfectionists mind open to being flexible. So just one thing....to work hard and love life!
Hope this helps.
ps I havent looked at the wall pics yet so no advice there:) Maybe later.

mama said...

I don't mind the squiggles or the wallpaper! So sorry no ideas for you:)
About the kids rooms I'll have to think on that one. Everyone shares around here but 3 year old always joines us in the middle of the night so that actually helps him sleep in later than the big kids as they get up earier to get ready for school. Somedays though he gets up before them....just for fun...just so he can be cranky all morning:):):)
If it's the playing that wakes up the yongest maybe I'd move the toys out. You seem to have lots of living space. Could you set up a corner somewhere for them to play near the kitchen so they'll actually play there??

Anonymous said...

It's hard finding that happy medium, isn't it? I think what has helped me recently is when my son grew up and moved away. He joined the Marine Corps, like his father and grandfather. I miss him so much. I used to be a schedule-happy mom, everyone had their own pages in my notebook. After my son left and I realized just how short my time is with my children, out when the schedule. I realize this may not work for you, as I only have two children, but it's the idea that I'm talking about. Our time with our kids is fleeting. I know it dosen't seem like it right now, but believe me, it is. My best advice is to do what you can when you can, and the rest. just let it go, both mentally and physically. And take lots of pictures.
Blessings to you!

Mary in TN

mama said...

I agree with the last anonymous.