April 15, 2008

My Tuesday, so far...

I should be taking a nap right now. My eyes are so tired and heavy.
Anyways, it has been a busy day. I had to leave earlier today because Leiah had an appointment with the Brain Gym specialist in addition to her regular speech therapy. So, I decided to get up at 5am this morning to get a good start on the day.

Well, so did the oldest two girls. They woke up on their own at 5! Um, I don't think so. Leiah never went back to sleep, but I still made them stay in their beds in a dark room. So I did my Bible/prayer time, made dh's lunch, put supper in the crockpot, made breakfast, did the dishes, started some laundry etc. Then I made our grocery list and menu because I am planning to get that done while out and about too.

So we all get ready and drive to my mom's. I drop the younger two off and take Leiah to her appointments. Then my mom brings the other two up to the therapy place because she has to take my grandmother to the doctor. I get them in the car and my husband shows up. We decided to go to Sonic for lunch because they have a playground and it was a nice day. Note- anything fried from Sonic, except french fries, has a rancid aftertaste. Must be from the oil-yack!
After all that I drive to the grocery store. They all need diaper changes/potty breaks so we do that first. Everyone is doing well. Then Sarah's shuts her fingers in the door and things didn't go so well. I got them all in the buggy (note- Texan's say buggy, not cart, funny) and start going down my list. Last week I didn't buy quite enough, so I made sure to buy extra pantry items so I would have plenty on hand to work with.

The girls did very well- I kept them busy with food samples and asking what they wanted etc. They had a few skirmishes, but considering they'd been up for so long they did well. I got a lot of food, most of it unprocessed and some organic plus some household items, for $125. Not great, but better than I thought it would be. After I got home it all hit- Sarah was grouchy! Leiah had fallen asleep, Alexa was bouncing off the walls and I had loads of groceries to get in the house. Well, while I was getting the food in, I lost Sarah. She ran off to the neighbor's house chasing our cat. Oh I was scared-I couldn't believe I lost her. Next time I will confine her before I start going in and out of the house.

They are all asleep now and I should be :) A year ago a trip like that would have equaled insanity to me. But sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. I think it makes me stronger and builds character. I don't enjoy getting out with all the kids to shop all that much, but I did today. All in the attitude :)

Tomorrow I am starting the first of several 'spring cleanses'. Can you believe I'm actually excited about colon cleansing? LOL, I am excited about feeling better, having clearer thinking and clear skin and a better working body in general. I plan to elucidate my cleansing tomorrow, if anyone is interested :)

Oh, to 'Mama', I will try to get more on here about the kiddies-there sure is a lot to tell!


Rachel said...

Buggy! YES! I'm in Louisiana and we say that too. :) I also say icebox - not fridge.

Sounds like a busy and productive day :) I remember hauling mine around when they were younger. It does get easier.

On the cleanse.. yes.. do tell! I need to do one myself.

Thirdtimemomma said...

Dont you just love calling out for "mama" on your blog? I had a ton of fun with that today. :)

mama said...

ha ha if you are referring to me...I'm mama to 8 but you're not one of um!!!!:):):)

Anneatheart said...

I was referring to you actually, but I didn't want to use your first name, so I just said 'Mama'. That is you!!!Mom of 8 I'm talking to here.