April 16, 2008

So what's up with cleansing?

Spring is here in full swing. Many people still do spring cleaning. I've never actually done it but I probably should. However, springtime is also a good time to 'clean house' in your body. We've had a long winter of more heavy foods, being cooped up inside with less than fresh air, being exposed to germs and such and probably less physical activity.

I've only done a couple of cleanses in my life, and they weren't in the spring. But this year I want to really scrub myself out :) The first one I did when I just changed to more healthful eating, and the food I ate did the job. I didn't notice any side effects except going to the bathroom more :) The second one I did when I was struggling with IBS. I had battled it for 18 months and finally went to a gastroenterologist. I had worked for him in his office and felt confident he would help me. After talking with him, you know what he gave me? An anti-depressant. That's it. I was so upset and cried out to God to show me what to do. Right after that I went to the internet and did a search and pulled up Dr. Schulze. I ordered his Intestinal cleanse #2 and that was the beginning of healing. I was unable to stay with it because I found out I was pregnant with Sarah in the middle of it and didn't want to take any chances since I'd had a miscarriage a few months before. But even the little I did do helped a lot.

Come to find out, if you have a clogged intestinal tract, more than likely you will be sick. Backed up colons are the main cause for most every disease. Think about it, your brain is directly linked to your gut because of the nerves in there. If your intestines are covered in old hardened fecal matter, this will impair the brain :) No wonder there is so much depression and mental illness in this country.

Anyways, Dr. Schulze is THE MAN on colon cleansing, let me tell ya. He always makes his patients and customers do that first before anything else regardless of what they have. In most cases, the cleanse will eliminate (pun intended there) the symptoms they are having. Most Americans are constipated, which means the waste from your food is just sitting in your gut, with the toxins being reabsorbed back into your body making you ill. So he has two cleanses. The first goes in and helps those that are constipated be able to go and gets things moving. The second one, the one I did, goes in and literally scrubs the walls of your intestines, absorbing parasites, pathogens, old hardened fecal matter, and draws out every nasty thing in there. Yet, it is soothing and gentle those who have sensitive bowels.

Monday morning I found out my cousin had to go to the ER over the weekend for bad pain under her rib cage. She had no idea what it was and the pain finally got bad enough to scare her. So she had an x-ray done and they found that her entire colon was BLOCKED with fecal matter. She is so thin that the pain was under her rib cage next to her stomach. The part that hurt the most was bulging with its maximum capacity! Yet, she had normal bowel movements everyday. So, they made her drink the laxative solution they use for performing colonoscopies. This sent her into the most awful pain ever, plus diarrhea. The only way she could get any relief is to lay down- no laughing or coughing or moving. I don't know what the doctors would have done for this.

So, as soon as I talked to my mom, I said "Well, I have something that will work." So I called her and loaded up my crew and off we went. I had her take two of the Intestinal cleanse #1 and told her take more if she doesn't notice anything in an hour or so. I made her a large jug of mint tea for gas and also left her a catalogue of Dr. Schulze's products.

That night she called me. She had taken 8 capsules over the day. After she picked up her kids from school, she finally had to go. Later she went again. She had NO MORE PAIN!!! She said she felt 100 times better and was sold on his stuff. I told her after she was completely pain free to start the second cleanse and that would really get it all out. Now she is planning to clean out her entire body with his liver and kidney cleanses. I knew his stuff would work given a proper chance. Who knows what they would have done in the hospital if she couldn't get any relief??

So, there is my plug for Dr. Schulze. His stuff is expensive, but compared to going to a doctor and getting prescription meds it isn't near that much. And his stuff is the absolute best out there. He is all about helping people, not money. This morning I started the second bowel cleanse. About 20 minutes later I had to visit the potty, but no pain or diarrhea. Just normal stuff :) I feel totally fine. I am planning to go all out and do his liver/gallbladder cleanse and the kidney one. I want to get my body squeaky clean!

Anyways, if anyone is interested in checking the doctor out, I am adding a new link to the sidebar under 'Websites I like'.

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My Life With Boys said...

I've been looking for a good colon cleansing system since I've been wanting to do one for awhile now. Thanks for pointing me to the website. I'm going to be talking to my husband about having both he and I starting the program. I know it'd make me feel so much better! Thanks for sharing! Keep us posted on how you're doing with it!