April 22, 2008

Our fun weekend

(weird looking huh?)

The grocery company my husband works for owns a large park and lake area. Apparently we can go anytime we want and it is very nice. Some other people he works with were having a cookout and invited everyone to go. My husband used to be an avid fisherman and hunter, but since I came into the picture he had dropped all of that. LOL, his decision mind you.

So he got all excited and bought little fishing rods and life jackets, relocated his tackle box and dug up worms so the girls could fish. Within 10 minutes of getting the bait into the water, Alexa had caught a fish! She caught two more and Leiah caught one. We ate them Sunday night :) Very tiny fillets but perty good.

The weather was perfect and we all had lots of fun. Unfortunately everyone brought loads of junk food, so my kids had a hay day with that! Oh well.

We have a special week coming. Thursday night dh and a friend and I are going to a Skillet concert (several of their songs are on my playlist on the left) and we are so excited. That last concert I went to was hubby's during our first year of marriage. Friday my brother-in-law and his wife offered to watch our girls overnight so dh and I can have a little getaway for our anniversary. They also have two girls, so we'll be sure to pray for them :) They did it last year and all went well.

I do have some topics on my mind to blog about when the time affords it. So stay tuned of course :)

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mama said...

your wedding cake was gorgeous!
You'll greatly enjoy the "getaway" I'm sure! I know we did! It helps when a babysitter is OFFERING to babysit!! How cool is that?