March 6, 2009

Anger at clothing and planning ahead

I am mad at my clothing. I have worn the same pair of capri/gaucho pants for three days now. My two long shirts have been worn and are needing to be washed. Everything else, is, just not long enough. This makes me angry for some reason. I have all these clothes but they aren't working!!

I almost considered just dashing to the mall to check out Motherhood...but, it's not close by, and I have a birthday party to buy for and I would feel bad if I used up the money on me :)

However, I did buy a shirt pattern yesterday and started cutting it out, plus I have several pieces of free fabric, so after I run to the store, I think I'll just work like crazy on it. I'm going to a different walmart though, to see if they have any maternity shirts.

I just decided to make out a monthly plan for the next several months. It's kind of scary to see it all written down- very overwhelming. But, I have had a resurgence of energy- the second trimester re-energize I guess, so maybe if I get as much as possible done in the next 10-12 weeks, it'll work!

1. Sew maternity clothes
* 4 shirts, 4 dresses
* buy shorts/capris/swim suit (that's a new one! never needed a maternity suit before, maybe I'll just buy a bikini-lol)

2. Sew the Easter frocks- they will be quite simple
3. Plan out my cloth diaper stash
4. Work on the garden- a smaller scale one

1. Week by week declutter/organize of these rooms:
Master bedroom
kids' rooms
laundry room
play room

2.Find some more outdoor toys for summer (lidded sandbox etc.)
3. make vacation plans for summer
4. continue with garden

1. Make crib bedding/curtains (I may or may not do this, depends)
2. plan and gather activities for summer for kids (special crafts, outings etc.)
3. start buy diaper stuff

1. Vacation
2. any sewing for baby
3. plan girls' school clothes/do any sewing for that

1. all children/adults get their check ups and dentist appointments (if not before)
2. Cook and freeze meals
3. Buy the rest of baby/diaper items
4. buy school supplies and clothes

Nesting time

Phew! Lots of sewing apparently...we'll see how that goes. I love to do it, but I don't enjoy cutting out patterns and fabric. I would imagine by July, most of our 'activities' will be laying in a pool of water, or letting the kids squirt me with water guns. Or laying inside half naked with the air conditioner cranked up, LOL. I HATE being hot. I was hoping I would be in Michigan for the summer, but it doesn't appear that will happen. I don't know what is going on with that anyways...but I digress.

It's good to have a plan, but if it doesn't all get done things will still be fine. I may really want something to do in August and may leave off school shopping till then. Or I might go into a sewing frenzy or paint a room. Who knows? I planned our vacation for early in the summer- two reasons, it's not as hot and I will be in the 7th month of pregnancy instead of the 9th :) We're planning to do some kind of camping, so, hopefully it will be more comfortable at that time rather than later.

Well, I've done my weekly cleaning, time to put some laundry in the washer and gather the girls to head out the door. I pray I still have energy to cut out patterns and fabric when I get back :) I haven't been getting more than 6hrs of sleep each night the past week, mainly because of me staying up late for no real reason, and oddly enough I seem to have more energy. Weird.


vehementflame said...

I tore my house up and down with baby #2 and #3. It's funny how much you want to get done when you are pregnant. Glad to see you have a plan. I never did that but boy I wish I had.I got only a few maternity pieces- I think at Target. Mostly I just wore stretchy stuff.

Hunter80223 said...

So, I am not pregnant, but your list makes me want to take a long nap! Just thinking about it makes me so tired. I don't know how you are going to do all of that. And I don't know how you can plan that far ahead. I have trouble planning for tomorrow, Ha ha. Glad to know that you are feeling more energized now though.

Anneatheart said...

Well, I listed it out because everything was just floating around inside my head. The only intensive months are the next two- thinking about what cloth diapers I want doesn't require that much work :)