March 4, 2009

Busy Evening

Last night was a busy evening. First off, it was my baby Sarah's birthday. She turned three, on the third, of the third month, LOL. We made cake mix cupcakes and I gave her a (don't freak) PORCELAIN baby doll that I got off ebay. She loves this one I have for Leiah, but I only let her hold it occasionally. So, I found her one that was about 13 inches long, a cloth body and only a porcelain face and hands, and is so cute. I traded her the baby for her pacifier. Yes, she was still using it. When we get a nice Saturday we'll have a family cookout/party for her.

Next a friend had chosen to get baptized. Unfortunately our church is very small and has no indoor baptistry, so we always just got dunked in Nana's pool, the grandmother to everyone. (also used to be our landlady) Well, seeing as it's March and the pool is COLD, they found a church nearby that had a baptistry, which is just down the street. We attended that and coincidently, it was his birthday too. A total rebirth!

After that we headed to Leiah's school for open house. Finally, I get to see the inside of her class! See, since it's a special ed class, you have to make an appointment to go in, and I just hadn't gotten to it yet since the bus takes her to and from school. It's really neat. They have two special rooms for therapy, one is dark with black lights and lots of light up toys. It's hard to describe, but it was a really cool room. The other had all the physical therapy equipment, and her classroom itself was so cute. My other two girls loved it. Everything is spacious and new and well equipped. I feel a lot better now, knowing where she is each day. Then they had set up a slide show of pictures taken of the class over the year and even made snacks for everyone.

Then, after the girls went to bed, dh and I stupidly watched Titanic, lol. I started it Saturday, and watched half of it. I started the second half at 10:00! I haven't seen since it was in the theater! I mostly just wanted to 'revisit' the clothes now that I know more about period clothing. But, it was a sad movie. Why did they kill him off??? That's dumb- it's already sad because of the sinking ship!!!! I was reminded why I hadn't watched it in so long :)

So, it was after midnight when I hit the sack. Oh well, gotta live on the edge sometimes :)

Today is grocery day and man are we OUT of food!!! How come I never buy enough for the week?? I don't know, but I'm going to stock up today. I promised my husband. He was literally scrounging around for food for his lunch this morning. Time to get on the ball!


Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Hi Anna, my first time responding.

Sounds like you've been busy and all the while!

My church goes to North Carolina every August and that's where we get the lake....with snakes only a few feet away. I guess there's nothing to fear when you having Jesus on the inside.

Lastly, I remember seeing titanic and I like the story line but it was too long. Now with a toddler, I would have to watch it in parts also.

Enjoy your day!

true blessings said...

When I watched Titanic ,I could not stop crying ,don't you just love and hate those kinda movies??lol