March 23, 2009

I just don't really have anything interesting to say.

I doubt anyone is really interested that I have basic housework to do today, or that I've been battling allergies. Much of the time I am usually looking for someone online who is uplifting and encouraging me that I am doing the best for my family and that I am doing something worthwhile. Though I have had this understanding for several years now, I need lots of reminders, especially when I am having hard time meeting my standards of 'homemaking'.

My husband and I did get our little garden planted. It's about half the size of the one we had last spring, but if everything grows well there will be a lot of produce! I even found a stevia plant, a sweet herb you can use to sweeten everything. I think we'll mostly use it for herb tea. I am sooooo looking forward to garden tomatoes. Last night (around 9pm?) I sliced up three roma tomatoes, salted and peppered them, grated some parmesan cheese on top and drizzled with olive oil, then went outside and picked some fresh basil to tear on top. YUM! I have to make myself stop eating them!

Anyways, I have some projects this week. One is to finish the little Easter ornaments we started last week, pictures soon. Another is to start on Easter outfits- buy fabric and cut it out at least, and if possible cut out and sew pj's for the girls. They are outgrowing everything! The little one is passing her sister up, so now they are all sharing clothes and shoes.

Maybe I'll come up with some interesting posts later...


Leah said...

If this is will make you feel better, I LOVE reading your blog. Even if you are having one of "those" days, because I usualy am too!
Thank you for all your time!

SaChay said...

Hi! I was wondering where you got the stevia plant? I use stevia, I made smoothies today and used stevia to sweeten them!

I always look forward to each new post you write! I had a blah day today, didn't get very much accomplished, not even all the basics. Don't feel bad. I think your a Wonderful Home Keeper!