March 26, 2009


I pray that the Holy Spirit guides my words. When I want to, I can be somewhat eloquent in my writings, but for the most part I choose to write as I would speak on my blog. I like to be real :)

I know that most Christians have very differing opinions concerning the so called 'End Times' and rapture of the church. I have heard a lot of different theories, but know that I am writing from the one I've studied and the one my spirit bears witness with.

The last month or so my husband and I have been studying Revelation and listening to some teaching on the book. Did you know that God has promised a specific blessing to those who read and study the book of Revelation? It says so in the first few verses- I used to be rather scared of reading it, because nothing seemed to make any sense. That's when a teacher helps :) I highly recommend Dr. John Hagee, who has committed his ministry to the study of Revelation and is also a pastor in San Antonio.

So I believe that the church will be taken out of this world before the tribulation begins. The tribulation itself is honestly a reward to those who have rejected Christ and chosen the world, or rather, Satan. Once the praying people are gone, he will have full reign to wreak the worst havoc imaginable on this earth.

So many in our country are alarmed and afraid, or at the very least, slightly worried about what is happening. I admit I have shed some tears over the loss of patriotism and well, lack of plain old common sense in our beloved America. I am continually amazed that we would elect such a person into the almost sacred office of President. My husband has been particularly pained at this, but one must keep in mind, there is a set time for things to come to pass. My personal belief is that by having the government we have now, it basically setting things up for when the antichrist rises up. He will come as a man of peace, and the world will gladly hand over the reins to him, meaning, one world government.

So, I say that to help us realize that the events going on right now are part of the plan. As bad as it looks, be sure to read the back of the Book. Now, the point of what I'm writing about. Have any of you learned about the Great Awakening in the 1700s in the thirteen colonies? Probably you did in jr. high school, but it's been awhile.

From what I remember, it had been about 100 years since the Pilgrims/Puritans settled America. A new generation was present and people were really starting to spread out and settle other parts of the country, thus lack of churches. The majority of America was unchurched at that time, and a sort of spiritual deadness pervaded the land. A man named Jonathon Edwards began having a deep burden for the spiritual state of the country and committed much time in prayer for a revival in the land. When this man preached his sermons, the people were so convicted that they literally held onto their pews for fear they might be sucked down into hell!!! Interestingly, this was a soft spoken, monotone mild mannered man, who read his sermons and made no eye contact with anyone. It was simply the power of God and the power of His Word that touched the people.

As a result, entire towns were changed. The young people were changed, the town brothels closed, people who came from overseas were touched as well and took it back with them. So, as he traveled the country and word spread, a spiritual awakening flamed across the whole country. Forty something years later, the Declaration of Independence was written. The Awakening was responsible for the foundation of our country, for the Biblical principles in our constitution the men's commitment to standing for truth.

A well known lady named Billye Brim has dedicated a whole ministry to just prayer. Last summer during a prayer session over the coming election, God prophesied through her that our country didn't need the election to get on track, it needed an awakening to God. The world needed an awakening to God. So, that's what is being prayed now.

Let the full effect of those words hit you. What if a spiritual revival overtook our country like a wild fire? What if we saw our nation set aflame with love for God? How does this happen? Does God just spring down on us and do it? NO! What is required?

PRAYER. Intercession. Lots of it.

" The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16

Isn't it neat that everyone can do this? None of us are required to do something out of the ordinary to make it happen, all we have to do is make a habit of praying for it. Everyone can pray! And when we all start praying with one accord, well, isn't that what happened on the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit filled those in the upper room?? This awakening begins with us. We can continue to lament about the way our country is going, or we can pray. We can be a part of this awakening. Expect it, confess it, pray it and it will happen. It is spiritual law.

While I have had times of sadness when seeing the decline in our country, overall I have kept in mind that there is a plan in motion, and that each of us has a part to play. I am open to God using me in whatever way possible. I certainly do not pray enough in general, much less for the awakening the world needs so badly. So don't be downcast, our hope is in the Lord, we dwell in His secret place of refuge and can focus on doing our part during this exciting time. All you have to do is pray.


true blessings said...

Amen! This was exactly yesterday's devotional at our church prayer meetings..... We can not and should not put our trust in the President or anybody else, only God, and pray pray pray because our redemption is near! I get chills just thinking about it. Our pastor has also been talking about the end of times and we also believe the rapture will happen right before the GT , he 's been talking about this for 4 weeks, and He's talked about the different phases God has tried with humanity, there are 7 phases,well we are in the 6th which is the The time of Grace or Gentiles , this phase ends with the rapture......

liz fron new york said...

i certainly agree, there is no use wasting time on this current adminstration, we are headed for the fall, it's only a matter of time. i have been reading revelation since i was a pre-teen, and was moved to understand it by the Spirit, have KNOWN in my heart it would happen in this lifetime, since i was a child.Do I get scared/ Sure, but i also know that a greater good is to come out of it, and the world will be as God meant it to be ..I cant wait!!

Hunter said...


vehementflame said...

loved this post! keep on talking,girl!!!! we need to pray and we need to be ready! cause whenever He comes he ain't waiting-!