March 20, 2009

Lots of Changes

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut. I wanted it a few inches shorter, but basically the same cut/shape that I already had. I went to a new stylist so I picked out a picture that looked like what I wanted.

Well, um, I guess we had some mixed communication, because I look like the lady in the middle.

Oops. I am so shocked at how short my hair is. My poor husband was too. This a bone of contention with us. He thinks women should have longer hair, so over the years when I've wanted to get my hair cut, we've argued about it. We finally found one we both liked, which was what I had, but, well, yeah...I don't look bad at all, the cut is good, but it's just not what I had in mind. Oh well, guess it'll grow...

On another note, lately I have been having a lot of digestion issues. It's quite frustrating, because it is usually in the evenings, and it's disturbing because I can't do anything but lay around, instead of working on my projects or something.

Last night I had a hot burning feeling in my stomach that traveled up into my esophagus, and then back down again. It would go away and come back. I guess it was heartburn- I hardly ever get that, even when pregnant. I thought it was because I ate some raw garlic cloves (fighting off a cold) but I've had issues several times a week for a long time now.

So anyways, last night I went into a panic attack, which is even more frustrating, and didn't sleep well because of my stuffy nose and sore throat. This morning I did a little research on pregnancy digestion. There's not a lot of relief offerings out there besides eating small meals, avoid certain foods etc.

I did learn that the hormones released during pregnancy relax the muscles in the digestive tract, plus overall digestion slows down so that the bacteria have more time to break down food. Smart huh? Except that this allows more fermentation and thus more gas etc. The valve between the esophagus and stomach also get relaxed, which allows acid to get pushed up into the throat area resulting in reflux. Yea.

Soooo, since I've had a couple of rounds of antibiotics in the last 6 months, this means i may not have adequate bacteria in my gut to work on the food. I have been very slack about taking my supplements, shame on me. Honestly, my brain just completely forgets! So, I must take probiotics, either in kefir or in capsule form. I also need to be eating pre-digested foods, such as, soaking all the grains/flour that I eat in an acidic medium to break it down before cooking it; drinking the kefir and kombucha, make more fermented veggies and actually eat them, make some sourdough etc. consume more bone broth which has valuable minerals and gelatin, which helps the muscles in digestion, and eat high enzyme salads.

Problem is this can be time consuming. Or rather it requires lots of planning, which i have been TERRIBLE at lately. I have not been taking fish oil or my vitamins regularly either, BAD! But, my husband has been having some of the same issues lately just because of stress, so he is going to get us a vitamin supplement he's been reading about, which seems very good. That way we aren't taking so many different things- one supplement is it!

So, I gotta figure out some type of plan here. I've been a bit more busy this week since my oldest has been on spring break, so I haven't done any baking, hardly any grocery shopping, and today I'm supposed to clean the house- it sure needs it, like a SCRUBBING.

Step 1: caffeine's gotta go. I have been consuming either coffee, tea, or coke daily or all three daily. Not good.

Step 2: gotta remember to take supplements

Step 3: make a plan for every meal, not just dinner. Breakfast and lunch I just wing it. Not good when your sleep deprived.

Step 4: bulk cook- soak lots of beans, grains etc. and freeze them or something. Make many loaves of bread/muffins etc. Make gallons of stock at a time.

It's obviously worth it, to have better health and know that baby is really absorbing the nutrients since they're broken down so much before I even digest them. Plus, with the garden going, we should have access to organic fresh produce soon. I can make a meal out of fresh tomatoes and basil and mozzarella cheese. YUM!

If anyone has any tips on how to make cooking Nourishing Traditions style easier, let me know please. It can easily take over all your time :)


Mrs. Darling said...

I counted my tums when I was pregnant with Peter. I went through 800 tums for heartburn that pregnancy! LOL
Now we need a pic of the haircut!

Mary said...

I agree, we need a pic of your haircut!

On a side note, I never get professional haircuts. I either go to a beauty school, where they are so excruciatingly slow and precise, or I do it myself. But I have stick-straight hair, so it's easy.

Anneatheart said...

um, not sure i want to post a picture of the hair yet...still shocked...

Beth said...

Another thing to help with the reflux is to sleep propped use 2 pillows. It helps keep the acid down. ☺