March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I think I should have been Irish. I have always loved anything Irish and have greatly desired to go there. I got very close once, I flew over it and landed in England. But that's it :)

My children are fascinated with Riverdance! Er, so is my husband for that matter, he's very good at the solo part if you've ever seen it. We don't really put a lot of importance on St. Patrick's Day, but I do usually cook a good Irish meal.

Today I am making Irish soda bread


And some turkey bratwurst, not really Irish, but I'm afraid of corned beef :)

Happy St. Patrick's sure to click on the song in my playlist called 'Reel Around the Sun', it's the intro song to the Riverdance video, beautiful!

Oh, and for something humorous, and believe me, this is totally meant to be funny, do not take the wrong way, here is a news report of a leprechaun sighting in Mobile, Alabama.\

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