March 2, 2009

I'm weird

Good Monday morning everyone!

Guess how my day has started?? Urinary Tract Infection!!!! You may remember that I had one while sick with the flu, but I had almost no symptoms and didn't take my prescribed antibiotic like I was supposed to.

Well, look at where it's got me. A very painful infection...there are several reasons why, one of which I probably didn't get rid of the bacteria the last time, I have been consuming a lot of caffeine lately, and er, dh and I have been, um, reliving our honeymoon??? Is that subtle enough?? Is it ok to talk about s*x on a homemaking blog? LOL...I've thought about it a few times, but thought better of it.

Anyways, I woke up last night with some burning and cramping, but was able to go back to sleep. When I got up I was fine until the second time I had to pee, then it really hit me. For some reason, when I get one of these, I get a lot of gas pain and bladder pain. I can't take the burning and that too. So, this is what I'm doing:

I drank 4-5 oz colloidal silver with unsweetened cranberry juice mixed in
I took something called D-Mannose, a natural supplement that helps flush out the bacteria
I took two Gas-X pills
Then my husband read about putting baking soda in water, which helps ease the burning, so I am drinking 2 pints of that every hour- salty!
Then I took two Tylenol

The next step is to go to the bathroom, continue with the soda water and D-Mannose, every hour; avoid caffeine, possible take a hot shower directed over the bladder area.

So why am I getting these so often? (3 in 6 months) Well, when I was little I got them a lot. I guess for me, I don't go to the bathroom very often. When pregnant I hate getting up to go, so I stretched my bladder out I guess. Also, the last week I've drank 3 cokes, coffee, and lots of tea. These don't help at all, plus I wasn't drink much water. I'm just not a drinker! And yesterday I was so thirsty and drank at least 4 large glasses of iced tea.

Also, I forget you are supposed to wipe front to back...oops. Then I read that if you fill a squirt bottle with warm water before you go, #2, then wash yourself well, it really prevents any bacteria from traveling to the urethra. May start doing that.

Anyways, I just thought that was interesting. I do have another antibiotic that was prescribed for the last UTI that I could use if I want, but I really want to avoid it. So, I am feeling better now. I need to go to the bathroom, then make a new glass of soda water and take those pills. The most important thing- DON'T STOP the TREATMENT TOO SOON!!!

But, other than that I'm in good spirits :) I have the usual going on- loads of laundry to do, beds to make, rooms to tidy (the kitchen is clean, er, the dishes are done), odds and ends to put away etc. Plus some sewing to do, which I am excited about. But it's always gonna be there for me to do, though overwhelming sometimes.

I thought I'd mention a funny pregnancy quirk I'm going through. I've suddenly gotten a great urge to color. With crayons. I get all excited about it and the kids tell me what they want me to draw and I get to work. I'm thinking of getting my own set now, LOL!!! Silly me...and now I've rediscovered playdough. I am planning to get the girls their own box with art stuff in it, and am going to include a jar of playdough. We played with it at my mom's yesterday and everyone got into it (my parents, my grandmother, dh and me) for a couple of hours. I guess I'm reliving my childhood :)

Alright, nature calls. Go color with your children, it's fun!!


liz from new york said...

o.k., to address two is OF COURSE an acceptable topic...what i love about that is that NO ONE can judge you, we are all married, and it is very Biblical, the whole purpose of life, conception, etc! Also, on the topic of uti....if you have been at it, especially during a pregnancy, we girls are more prone to them, as the urethra sometimes gets "crimped" ( i guess thats what i mean), and can push bacteria into the bladder,just be careful to follow the full course of treatment,it can easily turn into a kidney infection( i had one) VERY painful, and you definately dont want to be on the stong antibiotics it requires to get rid of it....hope you feel better!!

Anneatheart said...

LOL Liz!! Well, what I meant was, how appropriate is it for me to publicly announce, hey I had 3 screaming O's last night, cool huh?? There certainly isn't anyone I know in person that I would want to talk to about it,ha,ha.

I could be even more 'real' and candid here, but I know that would really turn some people off...(she's a Christian???)

Anyways, I am still doing well. A little pain during bathroom breaks, but, nothing like before. The baking soda water isn't wonderful, but it does seem to help. I will try to drink 2 more pints of it for good measure :)

His Tender Mercies said...

real unsweetened cranberry juice is a great help for UTI. was the appointment with the midwife helpful?

Anonymous said...

Hey, a professor of Urology at a well known children's hospital laughed at me... LAUGHED at me... when I asked if my daughter's UTI's could be caused by wiping the wrong direction.
Then I felt silly when he told me why he was laughing.
He said:
Why is it that a baby girl can sit in the most vile, poopy diapers for three years straight, sitting and squishing the stuff in every imaginable place, but the moment the diaper comes off and she sits on a potty and poop gets in the wrong place we think it causes infections???

I was stunned to silence and then burst out laughing~!
Doesn't that make so much sense???
I thought so and had to LOL and turn bright red.

Just had to share that, and hope you are feeling better soon!

liz from new york said...

THREE!! You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the infection goes quickly. I ended up hospitalised at the end of my honeymoon due to a UTI (it didn't respond to the first lot of antibiotics and then I started throwing up due to the pain so they had to put me on a drip and give me IV antibiotics).

It sounds like you already know a lot of the things recommended for treating a UTI but the most useful thing I found was to wash and empty your bladder after marital relations. All I do is pour a cup of water over the area while I'm sitting on the toilet and then dry with toilet paper.

Since I started doing that I haven't had a single UTI compared with about 6 in the first year of marriage.

Just remembered another thing that I do is whenever I feel any kind of tiny pain which I think could possibly be the beginnings of a UTI I drink a pint of fluids (water, kombucha, decaff tea, whatever) as soon as I can and then the same again an hour later.

Anyway, hope some of that is useful - I know how miserable they can be and it must be especially hard when you have children to look after at the same time.