March 5, 2009

Baking Day

Today is a baking day...finally! It's been a looooong time since I had an official baking day.

On the list:

two loaves of bread machine whole wheat bread

some type of cranberry muffins

pumpkin pie

I made granola yesterday already, so that's done. I also need to prepare a new batch of kombucha brew. I finally got a successful batch of it last week. It's been months since we had it and we've drank almost all of it already.

Eventually I want to get back into my sourdough breads. My starter died of neglect, oops. I can make one, but I might order another one from Fermented Treasures (you can google it) because there are lots of varieties. Some day I will make yogurt in my crockpot again...some day...I even bought little plastic lidded containers for individual cups of yogurt, just haven't gotten around to making it.

If my camera has batteries, I will TRY to take pictures!!!

I want to say thanks to everyone's encouragement about homebirth and dealing with the pain of birth. This is so wonderful as a 'body' of women, we can all relate to pregnancy and childbirth, and offer tips to each other. Many people just do not understand why I would choose this path, sometimes I don't. But, I feel like the Lord is offering me something I've desired for awhile, and I hate to pass it up. I'm taking the red pill :) (Ha,ha, Matrix joke again) I still haven't decided for sure what I will do. My next doctor appointment is next Friday and I can talk with him about it some more. I guess we'll be finding out the gender of this baby next week too. Everyone asks me constantly if I know or when will I know- such pressure!!! I might be mean's hard, where are all the cute neutral clothes and baby things????

Well, off to start some laundry and the baking! See ya later!

**I do have something very important to write about regarding a post I did last week, about motivation with homekeeping. Will get to that later.***


Mrs. Darling said...

Yum, a baking day. I havent had one for awhile.

As far as a natural birth my first one was totally natural and without complications.

My last two would have died if I would not have had medical intervention. Tink sensory disorder is a result of the near death of her birth.

Peter was 11 pounds and stuck in the birth canal. He and I would have both died without intervention.

Nobody can tell you which route to go, home or hospital. You just have to make that decision on your own. But if you prayerfully make the decision to have a homebirth and something does go wrong you need to be so sure that this was the right thing to do that you will not blame yourself.

All Gods best to you!

vehementflame said...

hey if you email me your address I'll send you some starter. I'll be praying for your birthing decisions...