September 8, 2007


Just when you think I'm swamped mentally with all the preparations for the Feast and other things, my brain has already moved ahead to thinking of my daughters' birthday party. Leiah's birthday is January 3, and Alexa's is December 26th, so birthdays for them are way overshadowed by Christmas.

This year I thought to make it more memorable for them and easier on us financially, we would have it in the fall, like around October 20th. Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year and it usually doesn't get chilly until November. I was thinking of doing a Harvest/Day at the Carnival theme outdoors.

I thought if the kids wanted, they could wear costumes, since we don't do anything for Halloween yet kids still like to dress up and I don't see a problem with that. Pretending is fun! Then in our backyard I wanted to set up little Carnival booths. One could be a large mound of hay (we have friends with hay) with lots of little toys and candy etc. mixed all in it so they have to dig around and find the goodies. That's easy. Then I thought of turning my flower bed (since the flowers are dead or will be soon) into a Pumpkin Patch with small-medium sized pumpkins that the kids get to 'pick' and decorate with markers, glitter, and eyeballs etc. Our library did this for the kids last year and it was a lot of fun. Then I thought of some type of Ring Toss game, sort of like horseshoes, and they could win a little prize. (like a popcorn ball) Then maybe a pinata- I've never had one at the kids' party yet.

Does anyone have other game ideas? They need to be fairly easy for kids 6 years old and under, since that's the ages of all the kids we know. My mind just goes blank- I want it to be somewhat easy to make/set up and on the cheaper side.

Food: maybe mini pumpkin pies topped with whipped cream, apple slices and caramel dip, popcorn balls with peanut m&ms (I like that a lot too), grilled hot dogs (sausages for adults), grilled corn and chips. Or I might do cupcakes with red and orange frosting and fall decorations. My mom has a cupcake tree that holds the cakes and looks very cute. Could work for the pies too. Apple juice and spiced cider to drink of course.

I thought if we had it around 3-5pm it would give us plenty of time to set up and cover dinner too. I also plan to have my home decorated with fall things and simmering potpourri of course :) Not sure what I will do for table decorations, and with all the prizes and stuff I wouldn't need to do party favors.

Sounds like this party isn't really for the kids huh? I didn't do one for a couple of years, and would like to have people over to our new home that haven't been here before, so that's a good excuse. Plus they are getting old enough to remember things and really enjoy parties.

So anyways, if anyone has other ideas to add to the mix, comment away :)


Thirdtimemomma said...

Hmm..Apple cupcakes. Red frosting with a squished green gumdrop for a leaf. That would look cute on a cupcake tree.

Apple bobbing only the apples are suspended by a string, one at a time so not to spread germs. ;)

What about fishing like on the old Polyanna? toss a fishing line over a wall and someone on the other end ties a toy to it.. :)

sounds like so much fun!!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Hey mama...Letter of the week doesnt take much time at all really. All I do is print out the poem (copy and past to Word from the site.) Print a letter and number page from the internet (the first week I just wrote them on paper and cut them out). Then I pick a song and gather some books to match the theme, usually I plan ahead when i go to the library. But you could just use what you have or make something up. This week I got a little more creative then normal and colored everything. :) IT only took me an hour or so with kids running around. And then we use it for circle time (like Preschoolers and Peace's) and that takes a few minutes. :) I use it for Ben mainly (he's 2) and Logan kinda needs a brush up. Natalie reads the poem and vocab. So they all participate in one thing for Ben.
Sorry so long.