September 6, 2007

Romantic Dresses for Baby

Here are the dresses I have been working on the last few days. All that is left is cutting the buttonholes- I have to wait till all children are asleep because that involves a sharp object. LOL.

My model was not cooperating so most of the 'live' shots aren't too good. She has the dress on over her clothes (shirt and capris) so it looks interesting. I altered the bodice a bit to make it one piece. This dress is pretty simple to make, and I'm no expert. You can see the original pattern here, just scroll down to the girls pattern.I can make dresses for us and curtains, pillows etc. but that's all. I'm not good at fitting myself either. Still learning after three years.

I didn't 'fancy' up these dresses or add trim since they are for play- these fabrics only cost $1 per yard, so that's about $2.50 for both dresses including thread and buttons.

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