September 10, 2007

This morning I got up early to see my husband off to his work trip. Since I got an early start I had time to watch a program called Believer's Voice of Victory by Kenneth Copeland and his wife. I grew up listening to and watching him and what he says is definitely trustworthy as it's the Word of God. This week is their 40th anniversary since the ministry started and their kids are hosting the show, talking about the beginnings of the ministry and what life was like growing up.

It didn't seem like much and wasn't very gripping, but as they talked I thought how awesome it must before for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland to see their children- all of them- sitting their proclaiming God's truth and recalling all the memories of their life as young children in the Evangelical ministry. Tears just started falling because I so dream for my girls to be strong and confident in His Word and in a Walk with the Lord. In my mind envisioning my girls talking about their parents and how they were raised for Jesus just brought such deep emotions and unexpected tears.

Sometimes it seems like we just aren't doing much for the Lord. We aren't in a major world ministry like the Copelands. We aren't pastors or missionaries. My husband is the worship leader and I the piano/backup singer- but our church usually has like 30 people in it, most of which are kids under age 5. It's not like we're anything special other than having some musical ability. Even then God blesses us because we never have time to practice- we arrive and go! I get so busy looking at the things I don't do and the things I've messed up on that I can't see anything I'm doing right.
Awhile back I was struggling and a dear sister in our church that is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit felt I was struggling. She gave me a hug and the Spirit gave her a word for me- that I was pleasing in God's sight, that He was pleased with all my efforts and my heart. I have to make myself recall that often.
But, I know that we are where we are because this is God's plan and purpose for us. Only a few are to be world evangelists, which is fine with me :) That's not my heart's desire at this point.
I have come to the knowledge that loving and caring for my husband and children is a ministry unto itself, and a worthy one. So many Christian homes are not treated the same as a special ministry, I aim to make a difference in our home. I am able to extend hospitality to others because I am home and have more time to do so than if I were in the midst of a large ministry. There are so many blessings about being a homemaker, and I truly am enjoying living it.

If you are interested in Kennthe Copeland and his ministries go to
You can actually watch the shows on there as well. They also send out a free monthly magazine which is truly wonderful.They are such warm and friendly people and always have something from the Lord. I hope you are blessed by their ministry as much as I.

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