September 4, 2007

The Princess Room

I wanted to show what we've done to the girls' room so far. My husband and my friend Amanda and I all painted the room pink last weekend. Then yesterday Matt began working on the mural. I thought I was going to get to help paint and draw, but he's doing so well with it I don't want to mess it up. I guess I'll do Sarah's room on my own :)

Pretty good for freehand huh? Here is what the rest of the room looks like. There is much to be done still- the frilly canopies and window treatments (lots of pink tulle and ribbons), I need to make some room darkening drapes too, spray paint the tall skinny dresser gold, and make the bedding- which will be princess fleece tied together. I have also found some inexpensive princess tents and will be getting one to go in the corner. We plan to paint a castle, ocean, and Cinderella carriage traveling the pathway. The great thing about a mural is you can work on it gradually- you just have small brushes to clean up and small bottles of paint- not the big rollers and paint cans to deal with!

We're thinking of painting the closet doors to look like a mirror with a princess looking in. We'll see...
The fun thing about girls is I get to live through them and do the things I would have loved when I was little :)


Thirdtimemomma said...

OMG!!! That is gorgeous!! I want to live at your house!!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Ha Ha... I wish I could. But no painting at our house. It isnt ours. :)
But you are a cool Mom for painting the mural. I bet the girls LOVE it!

How did you get your floral backround?

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Emma said...

Great job!