September 20, 2007

My Grocery List

I'm copying Candy and posting my grocery list and the cost for this week. I went yesterday afternoon to our local Brookshires, a grocery store chain that started here in Texas and now there are over 100 stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana some other states. My husband also works for this company, so I shop there even though it is more costly than Wal-Mart.

My goal too is to be under $100 for my family of five. My husband went to the store Sunday night to get a few items, and I don't know how much he spent, so I'm not counting that :) My total for yesterday was $93.31. Here's the list:

5lbs russet potatoes $1.50

Chef Boyardee dinosaur pasta (special treat) $.79

1 Gallon organic whole milk $4.79

12 pack toilet paper $3.51

Buttermilk $2.79

3lbs ground turkey @ $1.59 per lb

breadcrumbs $1.55

Coffee creamer $1.69

2 cans crushed tomatoes $.75 each

2 cans diced tomatoes $. 75 each

2 cans mandarin oranges $.50

1 can coconut milk $2.25

1 large can pineapple chunks $.79

$5 of Gerber graduate items for baby

sandwich baggies $2.99

1 small tomato paste $.59

1 bag brown rice $2.00

BBQ sauce $.95

4 pack flavored natural yogurts (for dh and on sale) $1.50

organic ground coffee $7.73 maybe I will drink less since it's more costly...

1 whole chicken $3.61

1 box butter $2.49

1 loaf whole wheat bread $1.79

1.5lbs broccoli crowns $2.25

4 packages ramen noodles @ $.13 each

2 small cans of tuna @$.65 each

1 box whole wheat organic spaghetti $1.99

1 box whole wheat organic macaroni $1.99

1 package of hot dogs $1.99

a turkey ham $4.34

4lbs of green cabbage $1.93 (I'm planning to try real saurkraut with this)

1 bag spinach for salad $2.99

2lbs bananas $1.01

12 ears of frozen corn on the cob approx. $3.50

1 cream of mushroom soup $.79 (I hardly ever use this stuff!)

1 bag frozen peas $1.19

Gala apples $2.70 for about 2lbs

2 green bell peppers $1.78

1 dozen free range eggs $1.59 ( I already had a dozen and a half from dh's trip)

I always buy frozen juices, carrots, celery, onions etc., but my husband had gotten those Sunday along with Maple syrup and some things for Leiah's school lunches. Altogether it would be over $100. Plus he went to our health food store the other day and bought whole milk yogurt, oats, coconut oil and some supplements. I don't know what that amount was either, probably $50, but we only go once a month.

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Rachel said...

I'm trying to get more organized with menu planning so I've started posting my menu for the week on my blog. Been thinking of posting my weekly shopping savings too. I do really well with coupons!