September 27, 2007

Yard Sale Madness

I am in the middle of sorting through all of our stuff. My sister and I are having a combined yard sale this Saturday at my house, which I didn't intend to have until next month. However, I guess the sooner the better but I sure am tired!

We have a 'spare' living room that we don't know what to do with so that is where all of the boxes and piles of things are living. I did not realize how much clothing I had stored away- all things that were given to me! There are massive amounts of clothes from newborn to size 7 in girls, all very nice items, plus some adult clothes. The best thing about doing this now is that I found all the fall/winter clothes from last year, and they all fit my girls! I don't have to buy or sew anything for them unless I really want to. There were even plenty of shoes for them all! And it was all in my own house and I didn't realize it! So, now I can focus on clothes for myself and making things for the house. (curtains, pillows etc. which I am decorating my house for fall including making curtains and I plan to take pictures to show soon)

Another thing that is going on is the last week or so I have had 'episodes' of feeling very weak and drained. Sometimes I feel panicky and have headaches too- but it only lasts from 20-30minutes. Tuesday it lasted a long time and I was getting worried. I think it was due to taking a vitamin that's almost expired and maybe drinking too much coffee. (I drink less than two cups per day, but still...) Yesterday I drank decaf and I was fine, and today I made Irish Breakfast tea, fully caffeinated, two cups, and just started to feel a bit shaky. I am trying to make sure I'm eating protein and often enough. I haven't been taking vitamins for a long time, just because I'm forgetful about it and I don't like taking horse pills! I am prone to fainting, so maybe I just need some extra iron or something.

A few years ago I heard about something called glyconutrients. It's a breakthrough in wellness products and here is the basic idea- each of our cells need 8 essential sugars to be able to communicate with other cells in our body. We don't get these sugars in our diets anymore because fruits and veggies are no longer ripened on the vine before sold and eaten. So, the company Mannatech has figured out how to get these glyconutrients into a supplement form. I have read and heard so many amazing accounts of how these nutrients have helped heal. It is a food, so it's not like a magic pill or anything, and they are feeding the cells which then can work properly and your body's own healing process can take place. Make sense?

I actually found online somewhere a little girl who had Down's syndrome and began taking the glyconutrients. Many of her health issues resolved (asthma and things like that) and several years later, her FACE looked normal!! I couldn't believe the pictures. So anyways, we ordered some glycobears for Leiah in May. She would take two a day if I remembered. I don't know if it helped her or not, but when I took her back to the eye specialist he said her right eye wasn't crossed anymore. When he saw her in April it was crossed, and when he saw her in August it wasn't.

Anyways, Matt and I just haven't been feeling well lately. I mean we are healthy, just we feel run down a lot of the time and have some other issues. We have a cabinet full of supplements and try to eat well, yet we're not feeling like we want to. So we've decided to give these products a try, at least for me and Leiah first.

The downside to glyconutrients is the cost. It is very costly, but the idea is that if that is the only thing we need- no vitamins or other supplements, then it really balances out overall. We'll see. I am planning to place an order today so Leiah and I can get started.

By the way, I found the article about the girl with Down's that is now better here.

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Rachel said...

My MIL introduced us to Ambrotose (mannatech) and it really does work - hubby takes it daily, I take it when I can remember. We have it in the powder form and it is HORRIBLE. It tastes like a crushed vitamin LOL And any vitamin taken on an empty stomach will make you feel horrible. Always eat and then take them. Thanks, I'm gonna make more of an effort to take my Ambrotose. It IS expensive, but aren't you worth it :)