September 3, 2007

Prayers, friends

I am heavy hearted today. A year ago my best friend was addicted to crack cocaine, and God miraculously delivered her from it. She has then plunged into life as a Christian, has read the Bible almost all the way through, came to church, and even got up in front of everyone at church to give her testimony a few weeks ago. Her mother has been verbally abusing her and tearing her down these last couple of months (she's obviously not a believer) and she's done well turning the other cheek. Her husband also left her almost a year ago and has no intention of returning. All she's had is me, my family and my mom to help her and guide her.

While I was gone last week, something terrible must have happened, because she went back to the drugs. What upsets me most is that I know she is feeling so guilty and terrible, and I don't want her to think I hate her. No one knew where she was for three days, and this morning my mom called to tell me she was at her house. (she lives next door to my mom) She left a note on her door that she needs to sleep for awhile and will talk later.

I feel like the prodigal son's father- I don't care what you did just come home! I love you no matter what you've done- God delivered you before and He can do it again. We all make mistakes. All day yesterday and last night I've been waiting and praying and expecting the phone to ring. I won't know for sure what happened until later. I just ask for any prayers- I know she wants to live for Jesus and loves Him- I can't imagine what it's like to have been addicted to such a powerful drug. But God is bigger.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep your friend and your heavy heart in my prayers. I would just pray and when you do talk, tell her about God's love and his gift of grace and mercy that is available to us no matter how many times we fall and start again.

Psalm 91 you could read together. Maybe she could get a copy of the book and read it - the cocaine is nothing more than a lion, a serpent, pestilence - all the things the writer of this Psalm discusses.

I am so glad you turned me on to this Psalm. I have read it many times in the past week to find peace and overcome fear.

Michelle said...

Jessica's friend...Every day is a new day and there is always room for do over. There is no such thing as too late as long as one is still on this Earth. The initial physical withdrawal will be difficult, no doubt, but after that it's a matter of taking it all one day at a time. Weathering the bad times by leaning on the positives until the normal, natural testing storms in life pass. You can do it.

May God bless you, lady. You're in my family's prayers.

Jessica...Thank you for letting us help your friend through prayer. A person would be fortunate to have you as a friend.

Anneatheart said...

Thank you all so much. Amanda (my friend) did just read the Psalm 91 book last weekend when she was here helping me paint. There were so many other things going on in her life- she has a very threatening medical condition as well, and is waiting for the ok for gastric bypass surgery and can't work, so she has little money. She just felt helpless and at the mercy of her mother's crazed moods. I'm so busy with my family I can't be there for her all the time.

Mostly I feel afraid that I've lost my friend again...I have been praying that she would have a knowing that I am not judging her and love her regardless. She knows this...she just feels so bad about it.

I still haven't learned what set it off...she's still sleeping. It's hard to wait it out though...