December 5, 2007

Being Flexible

Well, the menu changed already!

Ha,ha- I spent all day with my mom shopping and working on crafts at her house (pictures soon) and still hadn't bought groceries. We were completely out of some major staples, so on my way home we stopped at the store. They had roasts on sale for $3.55! I bought all they had, which was only three.

So, today we ate tuna casserole and leftover corn casserole. Tomorrow we will have pot roast with veggies- carrots, onions, potatoes and green beans, probably some salad and rolls. Friday will be beef tips or stroganoff depending on leftovers. I can try the homemade noodles then. If there aren't any leftovers from the roast (it's one the smaller side) I'm sure I will be back at the store before Friday evening since I only got a few things today.

I like being able to be flexible. I had planned to just do some cleaning and grocery shopping today, probably an outing to the park. But, my mom called me last night wanting us to go shop at Hobby Lobby, which I wasn't going to turn that opportunity down! So we went this morning and made several other stops, including McDonald's-yea...We went to one that has you dispense your own ketchup into paper cups. Miss Sarah was drinking hers! Gross, yack...

Then we did our ornament project, which I will post about later :)


PraiseHim said...

It sounds like you had a fun day! What could be better than crafts and fellowship with your mom and daughters? Plus McDonalds! Have a blessed day!
In God's Hands,

Anne said...

Sounds like a fun day!

You scored on the roasts! I think a roast chicken or roast beef is about the best comfort food this time of year and leftovers make the best sandwiches.