December 7, 2007

Kids say some funny stuff

Tonight after dinner we decided to go for a drive and look at Christmas lights. There is the this one house in town that is AWESOME- they have a huge lot and it is filled to the brim with amazing Christmas lights, figurines, everything. As we were driving around it, Alexa is oohing and ahhing over it all, then says ''I don't care. I need some pantyhose!"


Then I figured it out. Today I was telling her that since it wasn't cold outside we could wear dresses and didn't need pants. Generally if it's pretty cold we wear pants or leggings or tights.

I asked if her legs were cold and she said yes. It was so random, hubby and I busted out laughing.Oh well, you had to be there :)

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Anonymous said...

Lol! I wasn't there and I get it!

Loooooved the Christmas decoration pictures. We may have to break and do a tree for 3 year old Little One this year. I am thinking of a frugal artificial tree like you did. We'll put it up on Xmas Eve to surprise little one in the morning. I'll let you know!