December 30, 2007

Kitchen Lab

Weekends are always so busy! Every Monday it seems that the laundry has just multiplied overnight and the rest of the house is dirty- even if I just cleaned it Friday and maintained over the weekend.

Anyways, my kitchen is alive! I ordered some cultured foods from and they came in yesterday. I have sourdough starter going that's supposedly started from the colonial days. It smells good and I made pancakes out of it this morning- pretty good.

Also I have kefir grains and made the first batch. Generally it can take a few batches before it gets going good, as it didn't thicken that much. We'll see.

I have a kind of yogurt called Caspian Sea yogurt or matsoni. All you have to do is heat the milk, let it cool, add the culture and let it sit for 24-48hrs the first time, then the next batch should only take 12-24hrs. The cool thing about it is you can add half and half or cream and make it rich tasting, which I love.

Of course I have my regular kombucha brewing as usual. I always wanted to be a scientist when I 'grew up'. I guess I'm getting to experiment in kitchen.


Whitney B. said...

Ooooohhh!! How fun! Hope everything turns out great!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I stumbled upon your site and I just wanted to say that we are big fans of "nourishing traditions" and kefir is a staple for us around here. I am not as good about it as I should be, but one of my goals this new year is to get back in the swing of drinking it ... my husband soaks his oatmeal, flax, & buckwheat overnight and has breakfast all ready when he gets up. My goal is to just go back to my fruit smoothies and that will be a good start. He is much more of a kefir veteran thatn I. :) Good luck with your cultures! :)

Thirdtimemomma said...

That's a cool website. Maybe when I get my stuff to gether I can get back on the more NT way of cooking. IT just became a noose instead of a blessing for me.LOL