December 21, 2007

Too Early for New Year's Resolutions?

I have already been thinking about how I want to start the new year. Life is altered quite a bit with all the Christmas preparations and such, so I keep putting things off until after Christmas is done. I mostly just have two things I want to do next year.

1. Be more loving and kind to my children; spend more quality time with them and not always being busy scurrying about the house. I want to see them as a ministry, not ankle biters. Also within this I want to really give homeschooling a try and work on teaching them to read and listen to me read.

2. Get rid of 50lbs or more. I want to buckle down and do the Nourishing Traditions diet 99% of the time (within reason- I can't get free range meats at a reasonable price) and exercise. I know a lot of people say they want to do this, but I've had excess body weight since Leiah was born, 5 years ago, and I am tired of it. It's not coming off by itself obviously, and I'm not growing a baby or anything, so the time is now!

I want to get my priorities straight and have a smooth rhythm to our days. I write up all these plans and it never works. Certain things do work, but a lot of it doesn't. I have such a hard time getting distracted and just focusing on the house and meals. My kids are left to themselves a lot, or watching TV. Why does this happen? Why do I desire perfection? I never cared before, but since my housekeeping was critiqued once, I have been obsessed with it. How do I keep from getting side tracked??

I know my life should be God, Husband, Children, Home. Much of the time it's Husband, Home, Children, God. Everyday is different though- some days I do get it right. This wife and mom thing is so much more complex than I would have imagined.


*MichiganMomma* said...

Ahh, yes, looking at those four priorities....well, I get them in the correct order *sometimes*.

I would say it's mostly:


It's really scary how often my children come before my dh. I *know* that's not right! I know how important it is for the KIDS that I put dh first. And for goodness sake - GOD SHOULD BE FIRST! I *so* need to remember these four and what order they *should* be in.

Thanks for the reminder~

Anonymous said...

Don't lose sight of the fact that you have children at an age that are very very demanding of your time. So...unless you have a husband who demands an immaculate home (I don't thank goodness!)I think you are well on track. They get so much more manageable as they get older but it is bittersweet too...I have a 3 year old and I tell myself to slow down and enjoy him.

As for getting off the weight if you can try to cut out white flour and sugar you will find that the weight will come off. We are following NT and I found that butter and fat in the diet curbed my monstrous sugar tooth that derailed my weight loss plans.

Rachel said...

I will suggest flylady for the cleaning schedules. I have been doing it since.. May and it works! Granted, like anything, you have to DO it. I'm like you, if I cannot be positive I can finish it or do it right, I am not even going to attempt it. I want it to be PERFECT. Her scheduled cleaning is all figured out for you and it helps keep you on tract. I clean less, have less mess and enjoy my house and family more than ever, but I have to follow it every day.. on teh days I lag it shows, but it's so easy to jump right back in. My stress is soo lessened this year.. and i know it's due to my house being under control :)