December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I think I enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day! I guess it's the anticipation and getting ready that's fun. Plus, this year my children understand a lot more about Christmas than ever before, and I'm excited for them. I remember how excited I used to get- the girls have been jumping and dancing around all day. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Today we walked to our neighbors' houses passing out gifts of homemade treats. Alexa really got into it- just walking up and knocking or pushing the doorbell and saying 'Merry Christmas!' all by herself. I'm very proud.

I have been cooking all day. Tonight we will have a semi-traditional Swedish smorgasbord. I thought it would be a neat tradition to start. In Sweden, that is what they do- Christmas Eve dinner is the big one, and that's when their version of Santa Clause comes too. So, since my husband has Swedish blood in him, and so do my children, I thought we should do something related.

The Menu

pickles, olives, Texas sweet hot pickles
summer sausage, Swedish farmer's cheese, muenster cheese, crackers
homemade Limpa Rye bread and butter
Swedish Meatballs
Potatissalad (potato salad with vinegar-dill dressing)
Creamy, dill cucumber salad
Rice pudding

I've done everything except the meatballs and putting things in dishes. I tried to pick things that could be made earlier in the day and served at room temperature so it wouldn't be so much work. My girls are still a bit little to really appreciate the significance of the meal and all the work involved, so we'll work up to a larger spread someday.

We usually watch either A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation too. Then the rest of the evening is spent finishing up with the Christmas presents.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Thirdtimemomma said...

Merry Christmas Jessica! I hope your day was an Abundance of the Heart. :)

prayzgod said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. :-) I got your Christmas letter on Christmas Eve. It was very nice. :-D