December 1, 2007

Good news

Yesterday I took my oldest daughter, Leiah, to see an orthopedic surgeon. A few weeks ago we discovered that her left leg was longer than the other. I took her to a chiropractor friend, and he said her hip was rotated, which I guess meant out of place.

They did an x-ray yesterday and it turns out her hips are fine. He said they weren't normal looking, but that there was nothing really wrong. So, the only option for her leg is to put a lift in her shoe until she stops growing, then correct it. We need to do another x-ray and follow-ups with this doctor every year to check the progress of the her growth.

So, it is good news that she doesn't need surgery- I was dreading that she would need it. You know it's crazy- every time we find something 'abnormal' or 'wrong' with her, we take her to a specialist, and it turns out to be nothing. Of course we are always praying, so we shouldn't be surprised when everything is ok.

She has been so happy since we took her out of school. Her and her sisters have been doing pretty well together. The only thing is we never had a chance to get into a good, solid routine before we had company and Thanksgiving, and that has thrown us all off. Hopefully after Christmas we can get something concrete going as far as homeschool and therapy.

Well, time to go make breakfast, have a good weekend.


Cheryl said...

That is GREAT news! Don't worry so much about the routine now. The important thing is she is happy! Let her have some "decompression" time and the routine will come. Just try to do little things here and there.

prayzgod said...

Yes!!! Homeschool rules! :-D Now you have more time with her, and she needs that the most.

If you have trouble with a routine, or with falling behind, then you may want to consider homeschooling year round. That way, whenever you need to take a week or two off, it's a-okay, and if you finish early, then you can reveiw and really cement the information before moving to the next grade level.

What curriculums/techniques/syles/ etc are you leaning towards? Are you using a specific curriculum and using what they offer, or are you ecclectic, Charlotte Mason Style, or Trivium? You know me, I personally love the Christian Trivium method. :-)