December 31, 2007

Manic Monday

I'm copying Candy's saying about her Mondays- Manic Monday! Things never go like you plan, and last night after I posted I was going to do lots around here before bed. Well, my stomach didn't cooperate- tummy ache! It wouldn't be so bad, but I get really nervous when my stomach gets upset and of course that just makes everything worse. I ate chili several times this weekend made by someone else, and it may have had pork in it. Sometimes pork makes me sick. So, I just sat on the couch and then went to bed- nothing else got done.

I invited my parents and my sister's family here tomorrow for lunch and didn't get to some of my regular cleaning last week, so, I've been going like mad today. It's kind of funny, but since I posted my new schedules, I haven't managed to even get started actually doing them. We haven't had a 'normal' day in awhile. Of course, my children haven't had naps in two days because of family gatherings, ate lots of junk and are tired and cranky. Actually, they've been pretty good, and I was dosing them with vitamin C, probiotics, and elderberry syrup after we got home these last few days.

So far I've done most of the cleaning except the floors, I need to put laundry away and put sheets on my bed, and take down the tree! This is our first year to have fake tree, so instead of just throwing it outside on top of the burn pile, I have to actually take it apart and put it away. I'm an intelligent person, so I'm sure I can pull it experiences though, are sometimes intimidating, LOL!!!

If I can manage it I want to take pictures of my 'experiments' for you all. It's very interesting and COOL to me.


prayzgod said...

We were at church last night until almost 1 in the morning. By the time I got settled into bed it was around 2am. I slept in until 9:30 - as did just about all of us. We had brunch at 11:30, and now I'm relaxing, then I'll tidy up the house, and put the kids down for naps.

While they're napping, I'm going to just sit and read my Bible. The kids and I took last week, and this week "off." I've just been cooking meals and maintaining the house. :-D

Next Monday my routine starts up again, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll be starting it refreshed.

Manic Mondays, Testy Tuesdays, Wow Wednesdays, Thank God is Thursday Thursdays, and Frenzy Fridays. A busy life is so much more ful filling, don't you think? ;-)

Sarah said...

Happy New Year, Jessica! I hope you and yours have a very blessed 2008! I hope you are feeling better, and *HOORAY* for Leiah staying dry! I know how hard it can be... I don't have any little ones myself, but I did teach Pre-K for 3 years!

Anneatheart said...

Wow- I haven't slept that late in like 6 years!

It is good to have plenty to do, and then get it done! The feeling of accomplishment is quite satisfying.