December 28, 2007

Just stuff

Well, I'm still pondering the kitchen/meal series of posts- trying to decide what the goal of it would be :)

Thanks for the suggestions about children getting up early. I think they slept a little later this morning. I do remember from Babywise, that children who are well rested tend to sleep better or longer in general, rather than keeping them up later in hopes of them sleeping well.

I took down our Christmas decor today. All that's left is the tree and the outside lights/wreath. I used to feel so sad when it had to be taken down, but now that I am the housewife I want it down- it's been up since the week after Thanksgiving!

We finally got some sunshine today, so the girls and I went outside to play on their new swingset. (I didn't swing, I pushed them, LOL) Then I decided to help dh out and stack all the wood he chopped up and rearranged the patio so we would have more room. Then I raked and raked and raked all the piles of leaves into one gigantic pile. I worked up a sweat, but the weather was nice and it was fun doing something for my husband-he'll be so surprised! And relieved.

I am so proud of Leiah. Today I put her in panties just to see how she would do. She stayed dry all morning and was able to put herself on the potty( a little one for now), let me know when she wanted to sit on it, and then finally peed in it!!!! I am planning to cut up some cloth diapers and sew strips in the crotch area of the panties as 'training pants'. Since she's older the regular Gerber ones are a bit tight. But, we might not need them as much. YEA!!! I was so dreading this.

Anyways, if I'm not too tired, in a little while I may post my re-vamped schedules and stuff. I typed them up yesterday during naps. I sure hope it works well- seems like I'm doing this every couple of months or less!

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