December 27, 2007

Question: How do you get your children to sleep later than 6:30am? They go to bed at 8pm and their light is usually on at 6:30. We keep their door shut, so they don't come out until we let them, but still, it's early! I don't want to keep them up a lot later- we've done that before and it didn't work. Their windows have room darkening shades and we have a noisemaker in there. When they get up, they are grouchy and whiny and fighting. They do take naps in the afternoon- about 1-2 hours usually sometimes less.

Anyways, I've also been re-doing my daily routines and schedules. I will post them soon after I get them ready. I've been thinking about doing a series of posts, but haven't come up with a name for it yet. Maybe something called "In my Kitchen" or " At the Table" for a week or something. I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone cooks in their kitchen and in what way, especially those of us who ferment things :)

Well, I need to get the kitchen cleaned up and the girls dressed. We're about to head to Wal-Mart for some things- prayers please!


Rachel said...

Most kids have internal clocks (sleep rhythms) and there is no changing it LOL In time, they will sleep longer. I have teens and preteens, they sleep more now than when they were babies! :)

Merry Christmas!!

PraiseHim said...

I would be interested in a cooking segment. I was always up early when I was a little girl. Even now, I usually can't sleep past 7:30! It is just habit. Have a blessed day!

P.S. I am sending prayers up for you...Wal-Mart is always CRAZY!

Thirdtimemomma said...

Hey Mama.. I would love to see a Kitchen topic. :) Im alway curious about what others are doing. As for me and the 6:30 thing, I just have a rule, dont leave your room/bed till 7pm. The kids have an alarm in their room that goes off then so they know they can come out. That way I can have my coffee and Quiet time before I have mayhem.

Mrs. Klause said...

I am new to your blog and don't know the age of your wee ones. I have three girls ages five and under. Have you tried putting them to bed earlier?? I have found that a later bedtime equals an earlier rise and a grumpy girl. ;0)

Mrs. Klause

Anonymous said...

No matter what time my kids go to bed, they always wake up at 7am. Even when we have company, or might stay up until 11pm, they are still bouncing around at 7am and they are 10 and 6 years old. Like thirdtimemama said, we also have a rule where you can't come in to wake up Mom and Dad until 8am (hubby works second shift and doesn't go to bed until 12 or 1am).
You can try to change them five minutes or so at a time, as I'm thinking that if you moved to a completely different time zone they would naturally change ~ so it can be done. I think it's a sunlight thing.
Happy New Year!