December 20, 2007

Brain Gym

Monday I took Leiah to see a Brain Gym Specialist. What is Brain Gym? Well, from what I understand, it's actually Brain kinesiology, and the movements that you do are actually working the brain. I heard about it through our pastor and his wife, and one of their relatives did actually show us some exercises a couple of years ago. However, we didn't really stay with it, mostly because we didn't know much about it.

The movements are kinda strange, but basically we are balls of energy, and by moving the energy around our bodies, we are helping our brains to process better. Leiah of course freaks out when anyone touches her, and now I know why. Our brain stem is the part that controls our emotions, the middle part of the brain is the part where we actually think. Because of the genetic change in Leiah, her brain is receiving all touch and other things as pain, even though it's not painful. This would explain why she flips out when we cut her toe nails.

The wonderful lady worked with us for over an hour. Leiah wasn't doing too well, so we went to the floor and she did the movements on me. Well, then Leiah wanted her to do it to her, and she did great! She sent home diagrams of all the exercises we need to work on to get Leiah calmed down and de-stressed and 'out of her brainstem'. In January we go back to hopefully work on more speech related things. At home I've been trying to do as many as I can twice a day. Alexa likes it too, so we have a Brain Gym party.

Other things we are to work on for Leiah is to increase water and foods with high water content- water being a conductor of electricity, which is what our whole body uses. Of course plenty of sleep, and oddly enough, things like spinning till she gets so dizzy she falls down, hanging upside down, swinging high, jumping on trampolines. She loves to do all of these things!

Brain Gym is for everyone. Athletes use it, teachers can use it on their class, it's for everyone to help thinking be more clear, to de-stress, to get more flexible, to even get over fears like taking tests etc. Amazing!


Anonymous said...

What about occupational therapy?? My dd is in for a vestibular disorder as well as developmental delays. It sounds as if she has a sensorary disorder. I know dd's OT works a lot with that as well.

Anneatheart said...

Well, this is similar to occupational therapy. And yes, she definitely has a sensory integration problem- we just didn't pin point it till now! DUH!

Mrs. T (South Africa) said...

My son has SID and OT has helped.

When he was a baby I took him to Baby Gym and did similar work to Brain Gym.

We have been blessed to have been put in contact with Brain Gym again and next year I will be taking him in again.

He also screams blue murder when you cut his nails.

I think you are very brave to homeschool your LD child. I have 2 LD children but even thogh I have prayed and would like to homeschool I cannot see how. I am really scared about hit.

God bless you and your family

Anonymous said...

That's very cool on the brain gym stuff! Keep with WILL pay off. you just wait!

Loved your easy meal post. I'm copying and writing down. Great idea - chicken legs are a great bargain.

Diana said...

I was so encouraged to see your posting and the positive results you received. Dr Dennison is so devoted to his program and I'm so excited to see more and more utilizing it. My daughter received amazing results from it and now they are even utilizing it at her school. It feels so good to see her improving.