December 13, 2007

The Past Two Days Bullet Style


It was cold and rainy

Me and the girls got out in it anyways

We visited a friend from church who was in the hospital over the weekend.

We went to a resale shop trying to find a coat for Leiah

No coats and Leiah was crying.Sarah pooped.

We went to the dollar store.

I changed the poopy diaper in the back of the van- no trash can at the store.

Set diaper on the car hood so it wouldn't stink up the car.

I bought the rest of Sarah's Christmas presents.

We went to Dairy Queen and I threw away the diaper.

We ate steak fingers, gravy, french fries and Root beer.

We came home.

They took naps.

I cut out more fabric for doll clothes.

My wrist on my right hand started hurting badly.

I made dinner, we ate, did bedtime stuff, girls went to bed

Wrapped some presents.

Made tea and cookies for dh.

Did some sewing.

Took a bath to soak my wrist.

Went to sleep with a heat pack on it.


Woke up late- wrist was swollen and sore.

Got myself and kids dressed

Made breakfast.

Made an appointment with a chiropractor.

Made arrangements for my children to be looked after while I went to dr.

Sarah took off her diaper, pooped on the floor, then picked it up and squished it.

Cleaned up floor and baby.

Dropped kids off,all except Leiah.

Went to chiropractor- I have tendonitis, don't know how it happened.

Go to Wal-Mart to get epsom salts for soaking it (yeah right, when can I do that?)

Go pick up girls.

Leiah trips and busts her lip open.

Come home, make lunch.

Cousin that works for the chiropractor I went to arrives to eat her lunch.

Power goes out.

Power company says it will be 4pm before someone gets out here.

I put Sarah in her bed.

Walk to kitchen and notice the lights are on-hooray!!!

Other girls are napping.


I am online, my wrist hurts very much, and there's not a lot I can do. I'm supposed to rest it and ice it, but how can I do that?? I still have sewing, baking, cleaning, Christmas cards etc. to do- and the only thing I can do is grin and bear it. Jesus has taken care of it- 'By His stripes we were healed..."


thirdtimemomma said...

Aw, Hone. Your week sounds like mine. Hope your week gets better. :)

Sarah said...

I know all too well how those days are. I hope you have a better day today!

PraiseHim said...

Goodness gracious! All I can say is bless your heart! That sounds like a rough day!