September 25, 2008

Better now

Ok I'm not depressed anymore. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I have so many things that I would like to blog about but so very little time these days. My husband and I are trying to go to the movie theater tomorrow to watch Fireproof, a movie made by a church. They also made Facing the Giants and Flywheel, which was awesome. I'm really excited to see this one.

I have been having lots of trouble with the girls too which is part of the problem, the other part is about a friend, but it's better now praise the Lord! My girls have been destructive and so silly lately. For instance, Matt and I were in the kitchen, and actually he was praying for me. The girls were in the living room, but we could see them. (except our eyes were closed because we were praying) When we opened our eyes I saw the middle on with her hands full of fluff- stuffing. I thought it was from a pillow, but no, she had pulled it out of our very nice COUCH!! They had it all over the living room. I was so shocked! There was a zipper compartment in one of the arms of the couch where the stuffing was and she found it.

They are balls of energy, but when I take them outside to relieve the wiggles, they only play for a little while or lose interest in being loud and rough. They want to scream for fun constantly and make annoying sounds constantly. I can only take so much. However, we have prayed about it and believe they will shape up. I did inform them that tomorrow they will be with me the whole time- no running off outside or to watch TV. They might be doing lots of sitting because I have cooking and sewing to do.

Anyways, it's good now, I have a plan and a wonderful amazing husband to encourage me. I want to take some pictures of stuff but the camera needs batteries and I just now got some more. Our garden is flourishing and I want to take pictures of that and the quilt progress etc.

Ok, must go now. Maybe I'll pop in tomorrow, we'll see :)


liz said...

i forgot how young your girls are, i have six kids myself, and all i can tell you is that it's very normal for them to be mischievious, and two, yes these things do pass. they are true beasts on some days, it's almost like there is something in the air, and it rubs off on everyone. then we get get VERY discouraged, or depressed, and that is the true work of the devil, to defeat our purpose and destroy the family, i've struggled with this myself,and once you recognize the enemy, you have won the battle!

Sarah said...

I am glad that you are feeling better, Jessica. I am very much looking forward to Fireproof. I LOVED Facing the Giants. Fireproof has an awesome website with lots of resources... there is a link to it on my blog. I hope you get to see Fireproof this weekend!