September 19, 2008

A Holiday rant

I used to think that it was absolutely crazy that stores would start putting Christmas stuff out in August. America seems so materialistic when it comes to that holiday. But with the fast paced life we have, I can see how it seems to slip up on us before we know it. It has become very important to think ahead and begin working on ideas for presents etc. now, at least for me, because I need to save money up and I don't know about yall, but December is just crazy busy! So many family gatherings and parties, plus I want to instill traditions in our own family.

Anyways, today while shopping there were many Christmas things out already, and it is tempting to buy it. But I must resist!!! Back to what I started this post for- I am amazed at how popular Halloween is becoming. I mean, now you can buy a whole set of bathroom decor for Halloween. I even saw a wreath decorated with black ribbon and little skulls. Don't forget kitchen towels and dishes too, cookie cutters and orange and black cupcake liners...come on, why do we need more stuff?? There is a house down the road that is DECKED OUT with Halloween decor- I'm talking a blow up spider that's so big you walk underneath it to the front door, spider web all in the bushes and plenty more. Why don't people see that there's something wrong with celebrating a holiday that is about blood and guts and witchcraft? How scary this must seem to little kids who don't understand what's going on.

Why can't we just celebrate Autumn with good old fashioned fun? Hayrides, bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, make a scarecrow, roast weenies and marshmallows over an outdoor fire...if kids miss the candy have a pinata and let them dress in a cute costume- nothing scary. We don't do Halloween at all- no decor except pumpkins and such and no trick-or-treating. I usually make a fun meal like pizza and candy apples and let the girls dress up in their princess stuff. We might let them stay up and watch a movie, but really, that's it. Our Pastor hosts a weenie roast at his home for the church with Gospel singing and a hayride after the last weekend in October.

Anyways, it's just crazy to me that the market is trying so hard to get us to buy more stuff, like coordinated Halloween lotion pumps and soap dishes for the bathroom. I admit, for Christmas I go all out, because I love the holiday so much and it's obvious meaning. And, even though I love decorating and stuff, I am trying to use simple and homemade things. We are paring down what we buy this year a lot too; I want my girls to enjoy the holiday for all the special things we do together and Jesus' birth, not just the stuff :)

In fact, this year my husband will have the whole week of Christmas off and his parents may be down, so I am thinking of making a gingerbread house that week. I made one with my grandmother as a teenager and it turned out really well. She baked all the pieces though, so I haven't done that part before.

Alright, this is getting long so I'll go :)


Sarah said...

While I LOVE autumn, I am totally with you on Halloween! Scary is not good... especially for small children! Like you, I love FALL activities, but witches, spiders, skeletons and such? No, thank you!

Vix said...

Never Alone from Barlow that song...

I know I know I know!! About Autumn..

VictoriousMommy said...

My family and I are Christians and we attend our church faithfully. Our children go to a Christian school and we are dresses only for the most part.
However we celebrate halloween. The limit though is with bloody items and skulls or devilish items. However cartoonish witches I don't through a big fit over but mostly it is spooky looking houses, spider webs, pumpkins and fall items. We are a big camping family and the campgrounds go all out for halloween and the trick or treating abounds from camp site to camp site. But you have to do what is best for your own family and what convictions God has placed on your heart.
As far as children do not dress up as any witches, devils, etc. We were cat in the hat and thing one and thing two last year. We are usually stuff like that.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

GREAT post!!

When my kids were growing up, we didn't do halloween either. Sometimes we went to a Church Harvest Festival, sometimes we took them to Chuck E Cheese, sometimes we stayed home. We taught them why we didn't celebrate & they didn't think they were missing anything.

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Anonymous said...

I sooo agree with you. We never did anything for Halloween, in fact my husband and I got married on October 31st. I never participated because it was another Satanic holiday to me. So we refused to participate in any way, shape or form. We just ignore it and celebrate our relationship instead. Halloween is an evil day. We also do not do the Santa or Easter Bunny thing. I feel like it has taken so much away from the real meaning of those holidays. For Christmas we have a tiny 12" tree on the counter top and a huge light-up nativity in the livingroom instead. On Easter we give chocolate crosses and a bible story book or something like that to the kids and grandkids. No Easter baskets or anything like that.