September 23, 2008

My Favorite Things

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..."

That's been in my head for several days now, which is odd considering I haven't watched the movie in years! Anyways, I thought I would list off some of my favorite things for the home and other just for fun.

1. My favorite cleaning products are Mrs. Meyer's all natural products. They come in several smells such as Lemon Verbena, Geranium and Lavender. She makes everything under the sun, but mostly I've used the dish soap and counter top spray. My bottle is almost gone, so I've been adding purified water and white distilled vinegar to prolong its use. The nice scent is still there even with the vinegar :)

2. I do not enjoy mopping, so, to get around getting the mop out, I just spray the floor with some all purpose cleaner, wet a dish towel in hot water, plop it on the floor and use my feet to wash it. Works fine.

3. I love Downy's Lavender Vanilla scented fabric softener. It is pricey, but I use just a little for our clothes and I can make a large bottle stretch for months! Of course I don't use it on towels and things, just clothes and bedding.

4. I love anything cinnamon scented, specifically the candles you can get at walmart- 'mulled cider' and 'pumpkin spice'. They are burning just about everyday. I love fall :)

5. I love Johnson's Bedtime Bath and lotion. I use it for myself! I love the floral with a hint of sweetness- not too strong. No other brands smell as good.

6. Coffeemate French Vanilla. I've tried lots of other flavors of coffee creamer, and this one is just my favorite. Last week I bought the biggest size I could find because now my husband is using it :) This isn't a healthy thing, but as long as I allow coffee this will have to go with it.

7. Tom's of Maine toothpaste- pricey, but when we can get it I really like the lack of sweetness. It was hard to get used to, but now I prefer it to other brands.

8.I generally buy only Gold Medal flour, because it's the only one that sells unbleached all purpose and whole wheat flour at a good price. However, I have bought other brands like Hodgson Mill and King Arthur, and I like the results of Gold Medal best.

9. Kraft Zesty Italian dressing is yummy, and is great for pasta salads and marinades for chicken. I watch for sales and grab some.

10. Helman's Mayonnaise- I keep trying other stuff, but this is the best tasting in my opinion. I HATE Miracle Whip- ack! Someday I want to make some with coconut oil.

11. Bob's Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal- this is like steel cut oats, but a finer grind and quicker cooking. We LOVE it- it's so much better in texture than regular rolled oats in my opinion. I can't really describe it, more like a porridge I guess.

12. Brown Cow plain full fat yogurt- oh wow this stuff is great. It's the only plain yogurt I've ever been able to eat straight up. It's really good with baked oatmeal and a drizzle of honey. We buy it at the health food store once a week or so.

13. Jiffy Brand corn muffin mix- it usually sells for $0.33 cents a box, and even though it has refined flour in it, it sure tastes good! We love it, but I only buy it occasionally.

I will probably add more to the list later. I am drawing a blank right now :)


Vix said...

2. I do that too! I actually keep a floor towel on the floor for clean ups! Thanks to my friend Kelly for suggesting after the first "spill" of the morning just letting the towel lay in a corner of the kitchen all day. Then the next time you have a drip or a spill you can quickly mop it up. (of course this doesnt work if the spill is large, then the towel is too wet to stay on the floor) It also helps keep the dried dirty yucky spots that have to be scrubbed from happening. :)

5. Me too! Im so excited to have a new baby to use this on. I had to stop on the last two boys who had sensitive skin and couldnt use it. :) That and we couldnt afford it. But I ask for it at baby showers..:)

jesnicole said...


Ohiomom9977 said...

I'll second the Jiffy corn bread - it is my favorite by a mile and I've tried many mixes and homemade.

Sonja A. said...

Hello. :) After living in Germany where we do, we hear some church bells every day at 6 p.m. on the dot. The first few times I thought they were just for show, but now they ring and I hear Julie Andrews singing in my head when they do. :D The first week I was here, we played "The Sound of Music" on my iPod every day.

Love that Downy too...but I don't love the price. :( But every other month or so, I splurge on fabric softener. Yep, Coffeemate French Vanilla--we get that and Hazelnut! Delicious!

Have a great day. Sorry about the quilt issues. I have no idea how to make a quilt... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jiffy corn muffin mix is my fav.


Sarah said...

Are you my twin?! You had a lot of my favorites on your list... especially the pumpkin candles... love em'! I am also a big fan of the Downey, Coffeemate, and Jiffy!
I have never tried Mrs. Meyers... I can't find them anywhere! I heard rumors that they were selling Mrs. Meyers at Target, but I didn't find them at my Target. Where do you get them way over there in East Texas?