September 11, 2008

Have a look in my pantry

Here is my pantry closet before I went shopping. We exhausted ALL the food stores last week. That's the barest my shelves have ever looked- even the fridge was bare and there were no potatoes in the tater box either.

Here is the after shot- much better :)

The fridge and freezer are stocked, there's a LOAD of potatoes and onions in their boxes (the onions were buy one get one free) plus plenty of flour and baking supplies. Thank you Lord!

**Please do not be alarmed by the bacardi bottle on top- it was given to us and has just been sitting there. We do drink alcohol on occasion, but rarely ever! It just sits there :) As you can see not everything I buy is perfectly healthy, some things were given to me, some were really cheap and some have just sat there for weeks untouched like the box of cheerios. Time to trash them :)


prayzgod said...

What a good idea. I should have taken before and afters of my pantry - oh well.

I just got back from shopping at Wal-Mart and Aldi's today. My combined bills added to about 215 dollars. I've NEVER spent that much money on groceries before - ever.

But, we had a month of financial famine, so to speak, so we were living much off of my food stock. Well, the financial famine ended, so today I restocked the pantry and freezer. Not only did I get our needed food for the week, but I bought quite a bit of food to build my stockpile back up.

I still need to do a bit more organization in my pantry. In a few minutes I'm off to wash and bag my green leaf lettuce, divide and free 8 pounds of ground beef, then tackle the pantry. I need to rotate what stock I had left, and organize the new stock into proper containers and such.

Busy, busy - but isn't it great?!

Anonymous said...

Isnt it just wonderful to have a full pantry of food?

Anonymous said...

We had a hard month also and just restocked our pantry as well. I was wondering how or what you store your onions and potatoes in? Can you post a picture? I never have really known what to store them in.