September 2, 2008

Changing routines, again

I've been wanting to post about my new daily routine/schedule. I actually haven't made one officially, but rather rearranged things on the papers in my home management binder. So, this is how my week goes:


*I have been usingij this day as laundry day. However, since it's supposed to rain all week, I'm just doing 1-2 loads each day. Also, I've been doing wash on Fridays too, to keep from having soo much on Monday, which helps a lot. So, mainly Monday and Friday I do laundry unless something happens.

* I change all the trash cans out in the house and change/wash bedding. I alternate mine and the girls' each week, so I don't wash ALL the bedding every Monday, either the kids' or mine.

* I wipe down my stove, appliances, fridge etc. with all purpose cleaner.

* If the house is pretty dirty then I'll quickly vacuum the living room or spot mop too.

* We eat soup for dinner- either in the crockpot or slow cooked on the stove.


* dust, wipe down surfaces, windex screens and mirrors

* Finish up any laundry I didn't get to the day before and/or iron

* work on home management binder; make menu and grocery list

* we eat a meal from the pantry (like tuna casserole or beans etc. )

* Buy groceries in the evening

* start some meat based stock in the crockpot before bed


* Run errands

* work on projects such as organizing, deep cleaning, sewing etc.

* New recipe day, specifically we are trying out new grains and using the stock to cook them in

* Make yogurt cheese


* clean bathrooms- sinks, toilets, tub/shower

* mop hard floors

* strain and start new kombucha

* feed sourdough starter


Baking Day- generally I will be making 2-3 loaves of either sourdough or yeast bread, some kind of cookies or brownies for the freezer for lunches and desserts, muffins or granola etc. Usually about 3-4 things.

* Vacuum the house

* bleach kitchen sink

* Get rid of old leftovers, wipe out fridge

* wash anything that is piling up- usually the girls' clothes or kitchen towels

The Daily Plan

5:30 Quiet Time
6:30 I'm up and dressed and making lunches for school/work, then I start breakfast
6:45 Get Leiah dressed for school and pack her bag
7am Breakfast, then kitchen clean up
7:30 am Leiah's bus arrives and she's off to school
The other ones usually watch TV while I finish cleaning up etc.

8:00 Get girls dressed and clean up bedrooms/make beds
8:30 start cleaning chores
9 ish Start school- Bible story, alphabet, shapes and colors etc.
10:00 break-snack etc. then work on any other chores not done yet while girls play
11:30 make lunch and eat
12:00 table chores
read some books or outside play
1:00pm naps
I work on a project or blog or get dinner started if needed
3pm Girls are up and Leiah gets home
snacks/drinks free play- I usually bring in clothes off the line at this point and put them away

4:30 Work on dinner, unload dishwasher if needed etc.
6pm Eat dinner then clean up
Family Time
7:00 get girls ready for bed
7:30 bedtime for the littles- they get up early!
I pick up the house and make sure kitchen is tidy
Free time/time with my husband
9:00 do my evening/bedtime routine- prep breakfast, thaw meat, bathtime etc.

10:00 bedtime for me

There are lots of gaps there, but that's the basic plan. I'm ahead of schedule now- it seems the work is well balanced in this way and all bases covered. Yea!! Good thing because I'm about to be doing lots of sewing!


Anonymous said...

I need so badly to get into a routine! My day goes fine it's the cleaning that I can't get right! lol!
So far, so good today. :)


Anonymous said...

Eeeessh! I don't know how you do it! I am exhausted just reading your daily stuff to do. I wish I had your energy. I usually choose one major chore each day. Today is laundry day and sewing. I only do laundry once a week now to save on laundry soap, electricity and water. I can make bigger loads this way. Tomorrow is the Bathrooms. Friday is the living/dining room. Monday is the kitchen/laundry room. Tuesday is the Bedrooms. Saturday is family day and Sunday is the Lord's day. Dishes are done daily of course. Blessings.

Jennifer said...

This is great. I need to do a schedule.