September 17, 2008

Diet progress

My 'diet' is going well, I think. I haven't been getting hungry much and haven't had to ward off sugar cravings yet. I have not started exercising either- I have been sooooo tired and just can't seem to wake up early enough. My neighbor wants to do it with me in the afternoons during naps, so I guess that's what I'll be doing. I like being fit, but I dread the breaking in phase- much soreness!

It's hard to get all the veggies and stuff in too, but I'm working on it and not trying to be perfect about it at this point. Yesterday I ate 2/3 cup of oatmeal with some honey, milk and vanilla extract and coffee, a large salad with cheese, some chicken and an apple for lunch; I ate the last piece of red velvet cake someone made for me :). For dinner I ate a large spinach salad and some spaghetti. A friend brought some pudding she made and I felt bad declining so I ate a bit. So far today I've had about 2 scrambled eggs and some coffee (I'm not deleting that one) and then at lunch I ate a cup or so of the Pumpkin bean soup I made Monday. I should have eaten a salad too but I was full. I'll eat some raw or steamed veggies later and make a kefir smoothie with the coconut oil this afternoon later. For dinner I was planning an interesting fall squash millet casserole but forgot the butternut squash/fresh pumpkin from the store!! However, I saw some pork steaks on sale, like enough for all of us for less than $2 so I decided I make like a millet dressing/stuffing and homemade applesauce for the meat.

This is what I'm planning:

Saute onion, celery and a chopped apple in butter. Mix cooked grains with the sauteed veggies, some dried cranberries, chicken stock and herbs/seasonings and bake. In a pan I'll sear the meat and put on top of the grains to finish cooking in the oven. Then in the same pan I cooked the meat I'll 'fry' some more apples and a pear in butter and when it gets soft I'll put a bit of rapadura (natural sugar) and cinnamon/nutmeg- then smush it a bit to put with the meat. I have a bunch of leftover spinach salad to go with it. I love the combo of sweet and savory flavors a lot. We don't eat a lot of pork, but since I forgot the squash from on store, and the other store didn't have any that's what I came up with :) I am planning to also make homemade banana pudding to use up some bananas- mostly for the girls and Matt- he loves pudding things.

Alright, got to clean out the van, it is disgusting, work on Leiah's quilt, cut out a dress pattern and prep dinner. Maybe I can sneak a little nap somewhere in there :)


Shannon L. Fowler said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty good!!!

Have you heard of green smoothies? That is a very good way to get in some greens!!! google green smoothies and you will find lots of info and recipes, even you tube videos of how to make them. has a video of how to make them and some of the benefits. I have been drinking them for breakfast (since I normally don't eat breakfast) with my dh every day for over a week now. It's a GREAT way to get a lot of vitamins and get some greens and fruits that I normally wouldn't eat. I also have my recipe on my blog from the other day if you wanted to wander over there & have a look. :)

Keep it up!!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC

Anonymous said...

You are making me drool! What times supper? LOL

jesnicole said...


Mrs. Darling said...

Hang in there. This dieting is not for the feint of heart, is it!? :)