September 18, 2008

Diet Log

I'm just going to keep track of what I've been eating on here so it can be 'filed' away under the Diet label. I would probably lose a piece of paper, and if anyone else is interested they can read it too.

Breakfast: omelet with satueed onion, mushroom, fresh spinach and cheddar cheese ( this was fairly small- 2 egg omelet) and topped off with some spicy salsa. Plenty of coffee :) I stayed up way too late last night for reasons.

Midmorning-A big glass of water and Dr. Schulze's superfood tablets
kefir smoothie

Lunch- raw veggies and homemade ranch dressing; two slices homemade sourdough pizza ( I was actually too full eating the two pieces, one was plenty, and they were medium sizes slices)

Snacks could be: more raw veggies; raw fruit; yogurt with sliced bananas, pecans and a little honey; water

Dinner- shepherd's pie and big salad

It's odd because I don't really have a written plan I'm going off of; I am just combining several diets I've been on before and using the most healthy parts of each. I am mostly low carb, but I am eating whole grains each day. I try to food combine, which means I keep starches and proteins separate; I try to eat more raw foods than cooked. I allow myself a vanilla wafer here and there :) And I use regular coffee creamer and honey in my tea. I'm not budging off of that yet.

I just plan out what I'm going to eat the day before and make a mental note of anything I will eliminate or cook extra for myself.

I made this smoothie yesterday:

First I thawed a bag of whole strawberries and blended them up with some sugar, then blended it with kefir and yogurt. Next I added a really ripe banana and a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. It was REAL good :) I drank some yesterday afternoon and the rest this morning.

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Shannon L. Fowler said...

Your smoothie sounds YUMMY!!!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC