September 22, 2008

Busy Monday

Ahh, the first time I've sat down on this computer today...the feet are up in the recliner :)

Wow, I cannot believe how productive this day has been. First off, our weekend was rather unproductive with things to do around here (garden, chicken coop etc) but we did have some nice family time at the county fair Saturday. I actually stayed on my diet, for real, except for a bit of cotton candy, but hey, I haven't had any in forever!

Anyways, I determined to go to bed early enough to get up early today. Well, I can't say that I went to bed early, but my alarm did go off at 5am and I managed to get up at 5:15. I made a cup of tea (trying to go easy on the coffee for a bit), then sat down with my Bible and a book by the minister Charles Capps, called "The Tongue, A Creative Force".

I wished I could have started at 5:00 so I had more time for reading, but shortly after 6am my husband was up and I started the morning stuff. I purposed that today I was going to do all the housecleaning I could- hoping it would work out- so I could have more time in the rest of the week. Cleaning bit by bit each day does work well, but at the same time it's nice to get it all done with. I have lots of sewing projects and need to help my husband work in the garden this week, so I decided to try to get it all done.

I switched out some laundry, then I went to take a shower and get dressed, made the bed and tidied the room, made Leiah's lunch and started breakfast. (we had whole grain cream of wheat, homemade banana muffins I had frozen a couple of weeks ago with yogurt cheese to spread on it). My dishwasher had been emptied the night before, so I didn't need to do that. I woke Leiah up (wow- she wasn't up yet, she's usually awake by 6:30) and got her dressed. The other two were awake so they got up. I finished breakfast and got Leiah to the table to eat. Then I started another load of laundry and made a list of to do's for today. We all ate breakfast here and there.

After Leiah and dh left, amazingly, the other two started playing with their toys!!! Breakthrough!! They NEVER ever just sit down and start taking toys out of the toy box and play- shocker! So I got to work- wiped down the bathrooms (sprayed the sinks, counters, toilets, shower/tub and wiped them); wiped down all appliances, screens and mirrors, mopped the kitchen floors, cleaned the girls' bedrooms, changed some sheets, vacuumed the whole house, did more laundry, finished the dishes and started the dishwasher, then we stopped to do school. After we got done, the girls were getting kind of rowdy and didn't want to go outside, so I separated them into different rooms to play for awhile. I boiled some eggs, washed a head of lettuce, unloaded the dishes, made tuna salad, spun the lettuce dry and chopped it, made our lunches and ate. Did more laundry, then I got a phone call. After that we cleaned up the toys, put Sarah to bed and I mixed up the meatloaf for dinner and went ahead and put it in the oven. Next I blended up a smoothie to drink because I was already getting hungry again :( Then time for Alexa to lay down.

Now I'm sitting and drinking my drink. I still have more clothes to fold, my sourdough starter to feed, potatoes to scrub and bake, a big salad to make and fabric that needs to be cut. BUT, I got a week's worth of cleaning done in like 1.5 hours. Now I'll just need to touch up later in the week. I'll give this plan a shot for awhile and see how it goes. Mondays are my best day as far as getting a lot accomplished, so it just makes sense to clean then.

I am having quilt issues for those interested. I'm really not sure what to do...still thinking on it.


Becca said...

I enjoy getting our house clean on Mondays as well. I love for my Husband to come home to a sparkling clean house and fresh clean sheets on the bed after a long Monday at the office. He loves it too.
I enjoy your Blog and check it several times a day. I have a question and wanted to get your opinion. I am struggling spiritually right now. I was raised in a church where everything is/was wrong. I am so confused and feel guilty even when I read the niv or nasb. I was taught KJV is the only way. Can you give me your advice? And most of all pray for me?

Anneatheart said...

Hi Becca,

What exactly do you mean by the church where everything is wrong? I think the version of Bible you choose is between you and God. I have a KJV and NIV, and honestly, when I'm having to read quickly with children about, the NIV is my choice because I don't have to think about it as long to understand it :)

jesnicole said...


Becca said...

I feel like I am bound by denominational beliefs and I have more relgion than I do relationship with God. Some say KJV is the only way, some say drinking ever is completely wrong, Some say wearing pants is wrong. I just feel so torn and I just want Freedom in Christ. He came that we may have life and have it more abundantly! But, what does that mean and why do I feel like God is going to send me to Hell because I drink a glass of wine every now and then or read out of a different translation? Does that make sense? If not, just delete the whole thing. HA HA
You are a blessing and I appreciate you!
P.s. I'm really not a Nut. : )

Anneatheart said...


It sounds to me like haven't been taught the actual Scriptures, but rather just what your denomination believes. You have complete and total freedom in Christ. There are a lot of confusing areas such as drinking, what to wear, Bible choices etc. However, one thing I've just really understood is that it doesn't matter what man thinks of me, what matters is that I am doing what He has told me to do and what He thinks of me.

You must search the Scriptures yourself- really research the drinking thing, or wearing pants etc. What really and truly matters is your heart. If you have read all the Bible says about drinking and have really prayed about it, and you still feel condemned when drinking, then you shouldn't do it. What settled it for me is that the Bible doesn't say 'Never drink alcohol' it says don't be a drunkard. Nothing in excess. Jesus Himself drank wine, so that cleared it up for me.

On wearing pants, I did a study on it myself last year and it's on my blog under feminine dress. I came to the conclusion that it's the heart that God looks upon, and if our heart is right, then we will dress accordingly. I am choosing dresses over pants mainly because I feel it suits my role better and because I want to be an example to my girls of embracing femininity.

About Bibles, see if you can find a Hebrew/Greek reference that tells you the root of the words in the Bible. You can also go to and it can help you study it out. Why does it matter if you are reading it and growing and studying it yourself?? If there is misinformation the Holy Spirit is there to teach you.

It's not nearly as complicated as many churches make it out to be. Don't be afraid to branch out and seek God for yourself. He may lead you to something that is contrary to the doctrine of your church, but better to be led by the Spirit than man. The church is the body, the believers, not buildings or doctrines or purpose statements. You are the church, I am the church...does that help?? Ask more questions if you want and I will do my best to answer. I encourage you again to search these things out yourself- He will help you get answers. He wants you to live free in Him, that's why He died and rose again, for internal liberty.

Shannon L. Fowler said...

Oh my goodness! I'm worn out just reading all you have done!!! Way to go!!!

God Bless,
Shannon in NC