September 1, 2008


Wow, this weekend did NOT go as planned. Dh and I got sick- that hasn't happened in a long time. However, it's just allergies/sinus, but it just hit us so suddenly, I know it was an attack of the enemy. I did every natural cure I could think of and it didn't even touch my stuffed nose. Probably didn't help that we had gone to bed very late Friday night/Saturday morning and I have been eating a good dose of junk food this last week :(

However, we held fast to the Word of God, because according to it we are healed, we're just dealing with symptoms. We praised Him for our healing and went about our business as best we could, and even though I only got about 2 hrs of sleep Saturday night too, I felt totally fine. What a miracle. I am still dealing with stuffy nose and plugged ears, but it's not near as bad and I feel better overall. Thank you Jesus!

My baking day didn't go as planned. My children were not being very obedient, and while I did get my baking done, they were either sitting in a chair beside me or in the playpen/bedroom. I never got to my cleaning chores. Oh well...try again next week.

For those of you have read my posts under the label 'Feminine Dress' you may remember that my decision was to wear what we wanted as long as it was modest. I was no longer dresses only. But it's funny, now I have a desire to go back to just dresses. Not because I feel I have to to obey the Lord, but because I want me and the girls to look feminine and innocent or pure. It may not be the most popular or easiest road to take, but I feel more comfortable in my role as homemaker wearing a dress. So, I'm on the lookout for a simple flattering dress pattern for myself. I have loads of patterns for the girls. I want to make them bloomers as well to cover their little hineys when they're playing. It's also much much easier to hang dresses on the clothesline than 100 little pieces of things- uggh!

Alright, I'm off to search for some healthy frugal meal ideas...I'm drawing a blank :(


Mrs. Darling said...

Sorry about the allergies. Remember to take care of yourself. The cleaning can wait.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are under the weather. But a great testamony for a healing. I always have a plan at the beginning of the day and it rarely happens too. I have learned to call them goals. Sometimes I meet them and sometimes I don't. I figure I atleast have something to aim for, Ha! I also have had this silly little pull for dresses. I have never worn or liked to wear dresses, but I keep getting that urge to wear them to look more feminine. I only have one and it is a skirt set. I am still considering it and have been for six months or so now. Weird! Love your blogs. They are my favorite and I can't wait to read them each day. You are an inspiration and a blessing to me. Thank you!

Sonja A. said...

Sorry about getting sick. :( That is never any fun. I hate allergies. I used to have that problem a ton. Ever since we've moved to Germany, I have only been in a sneezing fit ONCE. :D YEAH!!!! It's mainly because it rains here like every week once...sometimes more than once. Very rainy...which washes away pollen and all and I can breathe! I'm pretty happy about that.

I wear dresses 95% of the time, because I love the way I feel in them. I feel like I'm much more feminine, and I just have a desire to do my hair and make up. (My Mom is very tomboyish, and never has cared about makeup, dresses, etc... Soo, I've had to learn about all of this on my own.) Our daughter wears them 95% of the time too because she had an intestinal issue and it just helps her stomach not being "strapped" with pants/shorts, etc...

I'm going to start my baking day tomorrow, Wednesday. We can't set just one particular day, since my hubby's schedule changes drastically every week...and his days off, we want to spend time with him and not in the kitchen. :D I'm very excited about it and I told our daughter and she's excited too.

I hope you have a great day! And feel tons better!!!