September 9, 2008

This and That

Sorry I haven't been around. Sometimes I get on a good roll and blog everyday and other times I completely forget!

Yesterday wasn't terribly busy, I was just focused on my tasks I guess. I am a lover of fall/autumn. However, Texas stays purty hot and the leaves don't change until well into October, if then. Sometimes it's Christmas time before the leaves get really pretty. Thankfully we have had some nicer weather due to the hurricanes, which is a nice break.

So, I went ahead and dug out my fall decor yesterday. I don't usually do that until October, but I felt the need to do so earlier. I even made a curtain from a scrap of fall fabric I had leftover from two years ago. I will be adding more things here and there over the months, but I like the earthy colors and warm smells from my 'mulled cider' and 'pumpkin spice' candles :)

Today will be another quiet day at home. The weather outside is dark and cloudy and rainy looking. After our cleaning chores and homeschool I am planning to gather all of my fabric scraps and figure out a use for them. I have been thinking about possibly doing an online business. Awhile back I made a new clothspin bag from scraps and it turned out really cute, so I could start making up some of those and some smaller, throw size quilts to sell. Anyways, I'm going to gather all my scraps and group them together and see if I have enough to make anything with. I have a few more quilt squares to stitch around, then it will be time to piece the whole thing together. The reason it's taking so long is money. It's been unusually tight and fabric is low on the priority list when we need food :) I have given myself till the end of September to complete the quilt, throw pillow and curtain for Leiah's room.

Other projects coming:
I need clothes!!! More shopping for sheets at Good Will coming soon.

The girls' need fall/winter church dresses- I can buy some at thrift stores too

I am making matching Christmas dresses for them, and if possible, one for me too

I wanted to embroider some tea towels as presents for Christmas

Can I do it?? Probably, it will just take some planning and using small chunks of time to finish the projects. I had hoped to be able to make a rag quilt for my bed too, but it's a king size, so that one will take awhile, maybe...

Also, I am thinking of buying a pattern for bloomers/pantalettes for the girls and myself. I hate wearing tights under a dress, and it's hard to find quality fabric for winter that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. So the idea is to make loose pants out of flannel or something to wear under a skirt/dress, then I could just wear knee highs or something if going somewhere. If at home I'll wear slippers or nothing of course :) We'll see...for the girls I'm saving capri type pants that they can wear under a dress too.

Well I'm kind of just rambling here, so I better get. The girls are getting antsy and it's time to get them dressed and started on cleaning etc.


Anonymous said...

I got my fall candles out the other day too. I think bloomers on girls are so cute!


Anastasia-Jane said...

It is getting to where you can't buy dresses unless you go to the thrift. We live in a very small town with only a little Walmart. It has 0 dresses right now for girls. I think that it it has a few really shorts skirt/short things. We got to go to the big city this past weekend 2 1/2 hrs away and go to the thrift. Found some really cute every day dress for $1-2 and a nicer dress for $2.19. Thank goodness for Goodwill, Salvation Army and Savers