February 28, 2009

Homemaking and a recipe

I want to ask all the experienced homemakers and stay at home moms a question.

What do you do when you kind of 'lose' the spark about your job? What do you do when you know you aren't quite giving it your best, but can't seem to get motivated to go the extra mile???

I am blaming my feelings on pregnancy, but, I am feeling down about my kids' behavior. Yesterday at the appointment with the midwife, my 5 and almost 3 year old went nuts. They were all over the office, scattering potpourri, messing with displays of pill bottles etc. I was very embarrassed because no matter what I did, as soon as I started talking again, off then went. Yes it was during nap time, but still...

Plus I am just not organized yet. I still have things to organize since the move- I need to rearrange the kitchen so my baking stuff is all together, I need to get some toys put up, go through clothing, hang stuff on the wall, organize the girls' bathroom etc. Hopefully, I can get some plastic lidded tubs and get to work on all that.

But I want to share a quick dinner I did the other night. I had a roast in the fridge, but had a spur of the moment day of shopping and didn't get it in the crockpot in time. So when I got home I had to figure something out quick, without asking dh to get fast food or something.

Eggs. Very versatile. But dh isn't fond of pancakes and stuff for dinner, and I didn't have time to make a big egg casserole. So this is what I did. I got out all my little ramekins you might use for baked custard or something, plus two larger sized ones for me and dh. I chopped some sweet grape tomatoes, green onion and green bell peppers finely. I sprayed each dish with non-stick cooking spray, cracked one egg in each for the girls, two for me and three for dh. I poured a little heavy cream all around and then scattered the veggies on top. Next I added some salt and covered the tops with cheese. (cheddar for the kiddies, pepper jack for me and dh)

Slide them in the oven at 375 F and cook until whites are set. I toasted some good quality whole grain bread and made a lemon dressing for a mixed baby greens salad.

Lemon Dressing

Squeeze the juice of one lemon into a bowl, add salt and pepper, and about the same amount of olive oil as juice. Whisk on pour on top of greens.

I added red onion and parmesan cheese shavings to the salad as well. The meal was fast, pretty, healthy and yummy. We buttered and jammed the toast and drank orange juice. Oh, I put Ranch dressing on the girls' salads, but they ate 'em up. Too bad I didn't take pictures...I need to do more of that huh?


SaChay said...

How did the appointment with the midwife go? Are you going to have any future appointments with her? I pray you get the natural birth that you dream of!

In Christ,

ElleBee said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe! I love that on my salads. I've also added coarse ground dijon mustard and it is YUMMY! Hang in there with your kiddos. I think all of us have felt that "I'm not a good mom/homekeeper" feeling, regardless of whether we work outside the home or not. I feel that way all the time! :) Peace!

suziepler said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You have had a lot on your plate lately. You'll get into the groove soon. I'm praying for you. Blessings, Suzie

Anonymous said...

I think when I read a blog from a wisened mom of many that "daily chores" and "daily struggles" are just that... never ending, daily recourring, chores and troubles. Your kids are always going to have bad days, just as you are, just as I am. The dishes will get dirty again. The floor will be messy again. The house will get disorganized again. I used to clean my kids' rooms and say, "Well, there we go! ALL DONE! Now KEEP IT THAT WAY!" How silly of me. These things are as daily as sunrises and sunsets. When you change your perspective and your goals for your home, your children and your homemaking, you will begin to see the perpetual "work in progress" instead of expecting a final goal!
It really is freeing and full of grace. That's another reason why God tells us to Occupy our time, even in the end... in other words, Keep doing the daily stuff!!
Keep going, girl.

One way I cope is to have a special bag, a basket or a small area that is something I can "visit" when I'm feeling overwhelmed. It's a small space that is well organized, beautiful and just for me. I learned this when my dh and I had a very overwhelming move nearly 20 years ago. My mother told me, Honey, make your guest bathroom "perfect", and then visit it when you are overwhelmed with the rest of the chaos. At least you'll have ONE area that is perfectly beautiful. She knew my personality ~ and this worked so well that my dh and I have used this technique with our last four moves ~ not always the guest bath, but just one room to see accomplished.

I've rambled here.
Hope some of this helps!!

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

I honestly felt the same way as you with my last pregnancy. Don't be so hard on your self. This to shall pass. With being sick and tired it just makes it so hard to stay on top of your job. Everything was a mess when I had baby girl. But slowly things are coming back around and I am able to do more everyday. Including lining my kids back out. They had a hay day when mamma was sick. Blessings.

Hunter80223 said...

I know what you mean. We just bought a house and moved. I can't find anything! I thought I had lost my silverware in the move, but thank God I found them. I have yet to bake a loaf of bread or a batch of cookies. Where did I put the flour? LOL. I can't immagine trying to keep track of little ones too! You have your hands full. But remember... God NEVER give us more than we can handle!
Take care my little blog friend! And may God bless you.