July 26, 2009


The typical waking up cycle has begun. I guess my body knows that soon it's going to be up several times a night, so it just goes ahead and gets me started before baby comes. The thing is when I wake up, I generally have to use the bathroom and then I get hungry...the uncomfortable extreme hungry feeling doesn't go away, so I lay awake thinking about whatever (in this case how to arrange my new kitchen) and then I just have to get up and eat.

The last two days have been too short. My body feels like it's just giving up on me. I want to keep going but I can't, and I'm no help to my husband who is hauling all the stuff in and out of the car :) But, oh well, he told me not to feel bad since I haul the baby around all the time :)

We've about finished all the cleaning etc. in the house. It had been vacant for a year, so there were quite a few things to clean. We have run into a problem with my stove- the house didn't come with a cooktop, so we were going to buy one. However I noticed that the microwave above the stovetop area will be hanging way too low for a large pot to fit. So now we have to remove the microwave as well and find a new place for it. Kind of a dumb set up.

My husband has been really into fixing up our bathroom and bedroom nice, a great benefit for me, because then I have permission to get what I want! I've been shopping online for home furnishings, but haven't settled on anything yet. We did get the crib set up with all the bedding and my three year old's new daybed set up, but that's it. Today I must pack all the rest of the kitchen, all bathroom/laundry room stuff and the clothes. Tomorrow the movers come and I need to be ready. In all the moves I've done, this is the first time we've hired professional help. We certainly need it since I'm fairly disabled :)

We've met some of the neighbors and they are very friendly. We also found out we have a lot more land than we previously thought. We have almost a whole acre, partially wooded, but we could easily have a nice big garden and some chickens etc. running around back there :)

Well that's enough of that...hopefully I can do a video or picture post after we get things set up next week. I only have two weeks till delivery date, unless she comes early on her own.


Sarah said...

Good luck with the move! I can't hardly believe that it is almost time for the baby to come!

Anonymous said...

world market has free shipping and some really cue home furnishings. I was just shopping here myself ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Id love to see your new place, thanks for updating! I certainly can understand though if you are too tired and all epsecially because you are due anytime- wow thats excitting!

God bless and I'll keep you in my prayers for a healthy delivery for both you and your sweet baby girl!


~ Joy