July 13, 2009


I am more determined than ever to get myself and my family organized. I've been slowly weeding out stuff as we are preparing for our next move. One thing I've realized is that stuff really is a hindrance. With each holiday that comes up, I am amazed at the amount of stuff available to decorate with and to accumulate. And where does it all end up? The trash mostly.

I have not always been wise in my purchases over the years. But, I'm learning that it is better to buy quality and timeless items rather than something really cute for the time being. Anyways, since this will be my third move in less than 18 months, I'm really evaluating what I want to move. Again. Is it worth moving? Do I use it, ever?

Probably the hardest part for us is the toys. We don't have a lot of them, but my children are TERRIBLE at scattering them ALL across the house. It's amazing how quickly you can find the play tea pot in the living room, the cups and saucers in the bedroom, a spoon in the bathroom etc. or outside.

So, I'm going to be ruthless about toys. Thankfully, we have two large closets in their bedrooms in our new house that we can store them in. I plan to confine them to 1 large plastic bin each (1 for each room) and then allow a basket in the living room.

Also, I have pictures of my house to be, so I've been mapping out where I want things to go. I know I will store what items in which cupboards and drawers; what I might need for storage in the bathroom and laundry room etc. My husband is sort of a mess-er. He takes everything out of his pockets and lays it on the counter, the table, the bed, the dresser etc. He piles the mail in several places and leaves his tools out. However, he is getting better, and I just group everything together and put it away- then he deals with it later.

Our life is going to change so much in the next 6 weeks. I want to make the transitions as smooth as possible. I plan to label each child's drawers with their names since they can identify them by sight now. I'm going to color code their towels/bath stuff and make it where they can reach things. I'm going to add hooks by the door to put each person's bags and label them :) Self-sufficiency is the goal! I may even have to put directions/instructions around the house for dh for after birth- like how to wash the cloth diapers or how to prepare food/bedtime routine etc.

There are still a lot of things I can't do yet, such as make a rough schedule, because I have no idea what time the girls will leave for/arrive home from school yet, or how long it takes dh to get to work/come home or how the baby will do. I have been able to do some shopping for school- supplies and clothes- so we're on our way to being done with that.

Here's a small list of what needs to happen by August 11th:
* purchase the rest of baby stuff (carseat, extra sheets, blankets etc.)
* purchase my recovery products (belly wrap and herbs)
* close on house, buy stovetop and install, move, set up house
* enroll children in school, set up meetings for Leiah
* make a trip to Sam's Club for bulk items (paper products, detergent, snacks etc.)
* harvest garden, what's left of it
* Pick out baby's middle name!!!
* haircuts

By August 24th
* finish buying school items

I have more to write about organizing and simplifying...maybe I can do some pictures too! We'll see...

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