July 29, 2009

Christmas in July

Last night I happened on a website (don't know how I got there now) that I am really enjoying. Right now she is hosting a series on 'Christmas in July'. Basically she is just covering all different topics such as traditions, setting a Christmas budget etc. to help you get ahead before the rush starts.

Amazing that in our busy fast-paced lives, we have to start months ahead to have a peaceful Christmas! I think it's a good idea to think ahead though, because Christmas can be crazy. I personally had decided to downsize a lot this year and making the most of the season in simple ways. For instance I have way too many decorations that I don't really love. Yet I feel obligated to use them all every year :) And I always end up buying too much stuff that adds up to a lot and doesn't last- it gets lost or broken right away almost. And, I generally plan way too many things to bake and eat...need to condense it down a bit!

So, head on over there for great ideas.

I just got home actually! I spent the morning recovering my living room and buying groceries (my mom came to help) then rushed home to drive the 1.5hrs to my doctor appointment, wait there for an hour, spend 5 minutes with the doctor, drive 1.5 hours back home again. All with my kids and mom. I am resting with my feet up for awhile. I guess dinner will be hamburger helper in the electric skillet- glad I thought to buy some today.

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Mrs. D said...

I hope you're feelin good and getting lots of rest. Can you give us a link to that website?

I thought I knew which one you talking about but I'm no so sure it the one. http://christmasnotebook.com/ This lady has a yahoo group that you may enjoy. She helps you creat a Christmas Notebook week by week. She ususlly has open enrollment around this time of year if you're interested.