July 7, 2009


Just a quick post here. I am planning to continue my video from yesterday so you can see the bread etc. Things got busy when it was time to bake bread and finish the granola etc. Leiah is back to herself now- she finished the antibiotic and is well. The other two had to get some immunizations yesterday at checkups, and are a bit grumpy today with sore arms, poor things.

Oh, and my comment about my camera doing something weird- it was at the time, but I noticed on the video itself it was normal. Oh well. I dumped the kombucha this morning and made the jar into a giant fly trap- they're all over it because of the vinegar-y kombucha residue.

Good news- the underwriter got our loan papers yesterday and should get it all approved today. Then we can set the closing date and move. I'm trying not to be anxious, but I only have 5 weeks left. 5 weeks to pack up, move in, get the house set up, get school things done (enrollment, ARD meeting, buying supplies/clothes)get what we need for baby etc.

Also, you know I wrote about the diet changes we were going to make? Well, since the sickness of last week, I realized it would be foolish to try something like that right now. There's just no way I can do that with everything else happening. I am glad I got the book though since it has good info and lots of recipes for when we do give it a try. Also, my herbal products are on hold as well. I'm not sure when I'll be doing that or if I'll just buy some stuff already made. But that's ok, I'll get to it when I can.

My daughter wore the dress I made but I forgot to take a picture. She really likes it too. I've been working on the baby stuff a little, but again, not a lot of time to devote to it lately. See I have to maintain whatever cleaning I did last weekend in case someone wants to look at this house since it's on the market. So, I need to stay on top of that, work on laundry, and I wanted to sort through my closet today.

SO, that's the plan. We'll see how it goes :)


*Michigan Momma* said...

How exciting that you are getting so close! I know it's easy to get overwhelmed with all that has to be done before the lil' one arrives, but try to look at it this way: at least you will be plenty busy right up to the delivery date! Most mommas dread those last few weeks, and they are just BEGGING for time to go by more quickly. The time for you will simply fly by, what with all you have to do!

I know from experience ~ we moved cross country about 5 weeks before my 4th baby arrived! I don't really remember having those thoughts, I was just so busy trying to get us all settled in before the "big day"!

Keep us updated~

p.s. lovin' the videos, too, btw! It takes a while for me to download them, what with my "country" internet out here, but I'm enjoying them when I get the time~

Anonymous said...

You are one busy momma. :)

I love your videos.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get everything you want completed before the baby comes.

Congrats on your new house!