July 21, 2009

Tell me what you want

Just curious here, what kind of stuff are yall interested in reading? I've been thinking about how things might change in the next few weeks/months and am not sure what direction my blog will take. Right now I'm really not full of inspiration- there is simply TOO much going on in my head right now to write or think beyond the present circumstances.

I mean really, how many major life changes can we make at once? Think about it, I've been carrying a baby for 36 weeks...there are 52 weeks in a YEAR!!! I'm kind of getting ready to have my body back to normal. I've also been resisting the instinct to nest and prepare for months now because I know I'll live somewhere else when she's born. That's been hard.

I am in a constant, CONSTANT state of expectancy and waiting...I still don't know if we're going to close our house tomorrow or Thursday. There's always someone to wait on to get something else done so we can sign.

I also have to go through the necessary hoops to get my oldest daughters enrolled and registered for school etc. but can't until I have an address in that town. Everything hinges on the move. I also have to make sure and call Sears to get my fridge delivered in time, AND there is no cooktop/stove- we still have to buy that too :) Also our cat is missing...he's been with us through all the moves, so I hope he turns up soon. He's a GREAT hunter :)

However, when all of this passes over, my brain shall clear a bit and life should settle into a routine and I do plan to keep blogging. The main topics I tend to write about are:

daily struggles with whatever
do-it-yourself stuff

What is the most enjoyable to read or most informative? Honestly, there are probably MANY blogs out there that say the same things I do or you can search for the same information yourself. There are times when I feel like I've said it all already, do you really want me to repeat it over and over???

So, just let me know, why do you keep stopping by? What initially drew you here and what do you like best? Thanks.


Mary said...

Originally I was drawn by your recipes. I am new to the NT way of cooking, and honestly, I don't buy into all of it yet, however I am watching others who follow the diet and some have had some success with digestive issues and skin problems etc clearing up. I've always been interested in nutrition. I like reading blogs that talk about education, decorating, bugeting, one-income living etc.

ccsmomma said...

Why do I read? That's easy. I like you. I think you and I share a lot of the same kinds of interests: homemaking, cooking, sewing (although I haven't done much for so long), and above all I like the fact that we are of like faith. So few of the blogs that I read are Spirit -filled faith walkin' christians. I really enjoy that when faced with something like illness, that you turn to faith. Keep blogging.

I know this time in your life may seem chaotic, but just think, by summer's end you will be holding a new blessing, and living in your OWN HOME! No more moving, unless you want to (or need to) and your children will be in a better school district.

Anonymous said...

I think my first choice would be faith/bible, and second to that, homekeeping,then food and nutrition.

Yes, keep repeated yourself over and over - it's inspiring! :-P

liz from new york said...

well i always like reading how others spend their days, like the daily stuff, and recipes...sharing what you do all day is almost like when you chat with a friend or neighbor about your day, mundane, but really the glue that connects you with others, and helps you get through your own. one day soon i'm going to try blogging, you ahve given me the inspiration, may be once the kiddies are in school, and i can learn how to1

Anonymous said...

I personally like to see how other Christian mothers like myself get along day to day. I like tips, seeing your way of doing things, thinking things, how you train your kids, how you might cook something, how your home is organized, what you think about the Bible and other related things. I like that you are candid. There are so many Christian mom blogs out there that are a bit too glossy and perfect. It used to make me think I was doing something wrong because my life wasn't that rosy, until I realized they weren't sharing the whole picture.
I understand privacy and wholly respect it, but it is great to see even a glimpse of the "real" life you share!

liz from new york said...

addendum to my earlier post...i love sharing frugal tips too, especially in this economy, i love to hear how people save money too!

Tereza said...

I also like day to day things. who you really are and whet you are like and I like housekeeping posts. I personally am not interested in nutrition posts because there is so much out there on the net and as for recipes....well ther is much ot there as well:) but YOU...and YOUR KIDS...I LOVE reading about!!!