July 18, 2009

Sewing Inspiration

Just letting you all know, if you haven't read the posts from Lady Lydia at Homeliving helper, you should. They are so inspiring! She is doing a series on using paintings as inspiration for dressing. I love how she takes a basic pattern and makes all kinds of different styles from that one. She looks adorable too.

Go visit her here

I've been sorting through all my sewing stuff today- wow! So disorganized!! I have not been doing any more projects lately. Don't know if I'll be able too for awhile either. Once we get settled and my older girls get into the rhythm of school etc. and baby has regular naps, I should be able to start working time in for sewing. Hopefully I'll have something of a waist back by then and can try making some new clothes. I'm gonna be on the lookout for a basic pattern that can be dressed up in different ways.

Oh and I AM gonna take a picture of the belly soon- it is growing! I'll be 36 weeks Monday, so maybe then :) I was born at 36 weeks!! What if this one decides to come too?? Hopefully she'll wait...


Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you very much for replying to my comment regarding Candy.

My mom used to read her blog all the time (she really does have a lot of helpful information!), and then saw that she put up false information about the Catholic church (my mother is very informed about Catholicism, she is not a "blind" follower. She has very in-depth knowledge of the history and theology of the church). She very gently wrote Candy, thinking she was just misunderstanding, and explained the truth about the Church concerning this certain thing she was posting about (I don't know what the post was about). Candy was extremely rude in her response back and refused to take anything my mom said. This was before any of these "hate-blogs" started, and my mom had no previous conceived notions about Candy's character, other than that she was a Christian homeschooling mom and wife who had provided great information on her website for other women.

It really shocked my mom that Candy would treat her in such a way, it seemed simply because she was Catholic. I have just seen that Candy has a certain attitude toward Catholics (which is the most talked about subject on most of these "hate-blogs" it seems), and it bothers me very much, even though I myself am not Catholic. She blatantly says all Catholics are not saved, and yes, does have a very "know-it-all" tone to her voice when doing so. It is very hurtful to these women, so I can understand why they would get so defensive and angry.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to reply. It puts me a little at ease to hear she's different in person... I just wish she could see the way her actions and words towards certain people can be so destructive, and that she has no right to judge people, especially their salvation.

-a reader

Anneatheart said...

I think the reason she is so 'blatant' about Catholicism is because her husband is a former Catholic. There are lots of corrupt parts of Catholicism, but I know there are those who are truly saved and understand the truth. If Candy has hurt someone, I am sure it was completely unintentional and talking with her in person is a totally different experience. My husband's mother also has a hard time expressing her tone in her emails, and we've gotten offended before, so I think it's just words on the screen are nothing compared to real life. Also, Candy isn't perfect, and she may be lots more compassionate and gracious than she was at the time your mom wrote to her. People go through changes- I certainly did. I used to be judgemental of women who cut their hair and wore pants until God showed me my heart. Now I have short hair and wear pants :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, that is true... I understand all too well that feeling of being judgmental toward people with different convictions than myself (I too, used to be a dresses-only wearer).

-a reader