July 17, 2009

A Whiny post

From what I gathered, most everyone likes Samantha Sue or Samantha Louise. Yes, Louise is an old lady name, because that's my 85 year old grandmother's name :) Even though I don't particularly like it, she has been like a second mother to me in raising me, and no one has been named after her. I did do some asking yesterday and found out her mom's name was Myrtle May and my grandpa's mother was Elizabeth. So I could do May or Elizabeth in the middle.

Still not for sure :)

Well, I think we're moving next weekend. We're supposed to close on Wednesday and my husband, mom and sister are going to help Thursday and Friday. Well of course dh will help everyday, but I meant he was taking special time off. So that gives me a week to get the packing done. I'm still having a hard time balancing basic daily care of home and family with packing. Oh well.

For those interested yes I'm in a lot of pain right now :) I have a new stretch mark- amazing since my belly is covered in the stripes from the first one. I've been trying to make myself look a little better with some self tanning lotion, but no matter what I do it gets streaked all over. I'll keep trying...meanwhile, it's awfully hot and I can hardly get around because of the pain in my legs/groin area. TMI sorry...but it's really bad. I suppose it's because I'm carrying the baby so low. Maybe later I'll take a picture of myself.

However, I feel a renewed sense of purpose now. I have hope to be in our new place next week and can make myself work on things more easily. Today I am going to work on my kitchen cabinets and my sewing area. I also need to CLEAN the fridge majorly, work on the usual laundry, and vacuum my terrible living room floor. Right now I'm resting my sore body, then I'll take some pain medicine before moving on.

One last thing, the other day I got such an insanely strong craving for cherry or berry something. I was getting to the point of not being able to focus, yet I didn't want to load all the kids up and head to town just to buy some cherries. I called my cousin who works in town and begged her to get some cherries. So strange because I'm not typically a cherry person. That's the first time I've gotten a craving that strong this pregnancy. Now I'm in a baking mood- I want to make loads of blueberry and/or cherry baked goods. Odd. I hope I have time to make some food and freeze it before the baby arrives. If I do, there will be lots of blueberry/cherry muffins and quick breads I guess, lol.


Mary said...

Have you tried one of those pregnancy band belly supporter things? It was a lifesaver to me in my last pregnancy 13 years ago. Maybe your supporting ligaments just aint what they used to be. Personally, I think you are astounding to be moving, baking, keeping house and staying positive right now. Go ahead and eat your cherries!

Anonymous said...

I am just curious, I read your post about Candy from back in February, and was wondering if you are still in contact with her, still friends, or if something happened? I'm not trying to start something here, I have not commented on her site nor the websites of which you spoke, but I have been personally offended by her and have witnessed her lying about certain things. It's just hurtful... but I don't fight back.

Do you still think of her as you did when you wrote that post? Like I said, I'm just plain curious. Thanks. :)

-a reader

Anneatheart said...

Yes Regarding Candy, I am still in contact with her. I've met her in person twice, once stayed overnight in her house. No she has never lied about anything. Generally if there is a 'ruckus' starting up, I'll email her and get the story and she tells me up front what is going on. The people that have all these anti-Candy sites up don't know what they're talking about. It's hilarious! I mean, I have been with the lady and her family and there are no pretentious anything happening at all. They are what they are. We have a great time with them and wish we lived closer.
Honestly, before I met her, she offended me too. But when I met her, she was so much different than I thought. She just doesn't have a lot of tact mainly and comes across very blunt. In reality she is very gentle and kind and has a good sense of humor. She and her husband are VERY smart too, which can come across as know it all on the screen. I'm curious to know how she offended you, and if I can explain things further.

cherylharrell (Mrs Harrell) said...

Your cherries post reminds me. Yesterday my mom wanted me to go to the store & get some cherries for them. I live with them no that hubby went home to heaven in March. So I went to get them & the sign said cherries.99. I asked the clerk were they .99 a bag. Yes, she said. So I got 4 bags. Yum. Got home & my mom looked at the sales slip & they weren't .99 a bag. They were.99 a lb. Dumb me. But they were cheaper than the normally are. Now you're got me craving some writing this lol. Gott go back to bed soon so I can get up for church. Cherries first tho lol...