July 10, 2009

Blogger Block

Right now, there just isn't a whole lot to blog about.

Sorry. I mean, most days are the same thing over and over again.

1. It's extremely hot. 106.

2. I'm uncomfortable and hot.

3. I can't do anything to improve our home here or there except pack and clean.

4. Meals are basic right now, nothing experimental

5. Spiritually, there are things going on deep inside me, but I can't seem to articulate it right now.

6. I feel bored and restless and just in a state of expectancy all the time.

7. I don't homeschool, so there's nothing to pass on there.

This is what my daily life is like right now:

Get up around 7:30, try to get dressed and clean up the bedrooms
Find the children- make breakfast
clean up the kitchen
Children watch cartoons and I hit the recliner with my coffee
Work on laundry and daily tasks- children alternate toys or go outside
Do that until lunch time
Eat, clean up
children's pool time
try to finish the laundry/tasks I started earlier
make dinner
eat, clean up
family time
bedtimes for children
wiped out parents chill out
go to bed, usually wake up at 3:30-4, finally go back to sleep at 5am

Wow huh?

Now, there are times when I do feel more like doing stuff, such as the videos I did or sewing work or whatever. Yesterday I cleaned out cabinets, cut fabric for sewing, did a bunch of laundry, got dinner done early and got the house cleaned up for people to come look at it etc. But, I didn't think enough in advance to take pictures or anything for the blog.

Anyways, maybe something interesting will come to me soon. Right now I gotta figure out what we're eating for dinner...

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prayzgod said...

Only 106 degrees? Gotcha beat. It was 112 here! Thank GOD for A/C!!! :-P