July 28, 2009

We're Here

Well, I'm moved. Mostly...Yesterday was a whirlwind. I wish I would have done a better job packing, but my body just gets tired out so fast. So I made it here without all the silverware, without some food, the camera and the rest of my clothes in the closet. But we're less than 20 minutes from the other house, so I can go back later and get it. It was so helpful to have a moving crew- they were fast! And, we've had heavy rainfall forecasted for the whole week, but our prayers were answered yesterday because it barely sprinkled until the middle of last night, plus it's not hot!! I have a brand new refrigerator that was 1/8 of an inch too large to fit in the space! So, we had to put in the spot we had our deep freezer in for now. Oh well, I have a fridge!

My living room is a mess. One half of it is full of boxes that I can't move yet because 1. they're too heavy, and 2. I have nowhere to place the stuff yet, we need to install the shelves first. Since hubby has to work now, whatever he can do will have to be done at night. I have to be patient...but hopefully I can get things looking good by the end of the week and do a video.

Today I need to rearrange my kitchen, get the bathroom stuff unpacked, get everyone's clothes in the right places and probably go to get some groceries. My body is very sore because I pushed so hard yesterday, but hopefully the medicine I took will kick in soon.

Also, I need some advice. I have no stove right now. I have an oven, a microwave, a crockpot and an electric skillet. What can I cook? I am not sure when I will have a stovetop either, hopefully in the next two weeks. Breakfast poses the hardest problem right now because we like to eat eggs, and unless I make a big breakfast casserole, that's out. Nor can I cook oatmeal and stuff on the stovetop...so, need some ideas please. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

oatmeal in the crockpot ~ start it the night before. I hear it's good! Also, you can do skillet eggs just as you would a frying pan. My favorite meal growing up was "hamburger stew" which my mom made in an electric skillet... brown hamburger and onions in a bit of butter, add chopped potatoes and carrots, add water to halfway up the amount of food you are cooking, add salt an pepper to taste, and some garlic powder or Lawry's seasoned salt instead if you have it... cover and cook on 325ish until veggies are tender. Serve with applesauce and good bread and a salad if you want. YUM! I might just make this tonight :o) It's easy!
Also, do the same with chicken breasts chopped up with onions. Fry and then add 1.5 cups rice, 3 cups water, and a handful of frozen veggies. Season as you want ~ I like to make it a curry sometimes. Other times I add some worcestershire and whatever spices and herbs I have on hand (I'm a daring cook). Cover and cook about 15 minutes. Voila! A ricey stir fry kinda thing. Sprinkle a bit of shredded cheese. YUM, and EASY. Do it with red meat and chunky veggies like zucchini, peppers and mushrooms and you've got a Japanesey kind of meal.

Hope this helps ~ and congrats on the new home!!

*Michigan Momma* said...

Girl, you said you have an electric skillet - you can cook TONS of breakfast foods with that! Pancakes, eggs, french toast, bacon, potatoes...Depending on how deep it is, my mom used to do lots of cooking with her electric skillet, including fried chicken (it had a lid, does yours have a lid?).

There's lots of recipes out there for oatmeal in the crockpot, starting the night before. I haven't found one I really LOVE yet, although if you could find a good one, you could tweak it to your families tastes.

Of course, you can bake stuff (chicken, casseroles) but you're in TX, right?! I'm guessing it's SUPER hot right about now. I'm not a good "microwave cook" as I usually just use it for heating leftovers up - but I know some people do LOTS of their cooking w/ the microwave. There's gotta be info on the web....

Try to just do one thing at a time, doing what you can at your own pace. I usually try to look at the WHOLE BIG JOB to be done and get easily overwhelmed. Instead, I should just "do the next thing" and before you know it, it'll be done!!

Blessings to you as you get near the end of this pregnancy!!

ElleBee said...

If you've got an electric skillet and microwave, breakfast should be a cinch. You can do scrambled eggs in the microwave, and could probably figure out how to toast bread in your skillet. Oatmeal could probably be done the night before in the crock pot, then cleaned out right away to do dinner if you want. Good luck with everything! :)

Saved Sinner said...

You can do porridge in the microwave.

Anonymous said...

Ha it was said before if your skillet is deep and has a lid you can cook basically everything you would do on a stove top. My stove top has not worked in years and I have learned to cook most meals in an electric skillet and a electric wok. The only thing you have to watch is pasta has you probably have to split a packet in 2 and cook twice due to the water ratio needed to cook pasta.
Love in Christ,

Sands in South Africa

prayzgod said...

I am so excited about your move! I can't wait to see a video or picture of your new house. :-)

As for food, like the ladies suggested use the skillet for breakfast stuffs.

For lunch do sandwhiches, and use the crock pot for supper. The night before, just throw in a whole chicken with some coarsly chopped veggies and some seasoning, and stick it all in the fridge.

Next morning, turn the crock pot on low, and let it go until supper time - it'll be ready and smelling good.

I have a pot roast, veggies and tators going in mine right now. :-)

Anneatheart said...

Thanks for all the meal ideas! I didn't realize I could cook all kinds of stuff in the electric skillet since the temps are different- I usually use mine once a year to fry chicken in.

I managed to make a beef and veggie type stew in it, brown rice in the microwave and a side of frozen corn in the microwave. I don't have anything for the crockpot right now- need to buy food! In the morning I should be able to bacon and eggs and toast and maybe even a kefir smoothie!

atomic momma said...

Here is a recipe for Oatmeal Pancakes that I like. You may do some tweaking to it for your family and Nourishing Traditions style. If you try it and redo with your excellent cooking skills please give a review and post! You can mix the night before.

Thanks for all you do!
• 1½ cup rolled oats
• 3 egg whites
• 1¼ cup plain yogurt
• Dash of cinnamon
• 1½ tsp vanilla
• Top with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter and 1½ a banana, sliced

Cook over medium heat for a few minutes. Really good with maple syrup.

Can you please tell me where to order probiotics for my family? Including 5 year old?

atomic momma said...

Also...if you get a Black and Decker steamer you can do TONS of stuff in that. I cook rice in mine all the time and that is the only way I do my hard boiled eggs: put them in the steamer and put the water level on high and set for 30 minutes. you can find them cheap at Walmart. Great for steaming meats and fish. Good luck!

ccsmomma said...

YEAH!!!!! for the new home! Congrats! I can't wait for us to have a "real house." We've been living in a single wide for the past 9 years (gulp). What was supposed to temporary has turned into long term.

Good luck with the appliance search!